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What has your Lo eaten today

rainbowshows · 21/09/2022 19:52

My 4 year old:

Breakfast: rolled oats, raspberries, grapes, strawberries and small yogurt.

Lunch: half a ham and cucumber sandwich, carrot sticks, raspberries, grapes and a tangerine. A yogurt and 1 bite of a brioche bun.

Snack: banana

Dinner: breaded haddock, carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn mashed potato (potato and swede).

Desert: a bowl of raisins

Before bed: ham and cucumber sandwich, bowl of strawberry yogurt.

I know this sounds like lots but I think we might be going through a growth spurt! This is not the usual amount of food my dc eats. I should probably add- healthy weight.

Just like to get an idea of what other LO's eat really.

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Rella357 · 21/09/2022 19:56

My LO is 1 and a half

Breakfast: rice crispies
Lunch: grilled chicken, halloumi and chips
Snacks: milk, smarties
Dinner: pilau rice and chicken

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Allthecoloursoftherainbow · 21/09/2022 20:04

DD is 14months

At nursery she had
Breakfast: Weetabix
Lunch: sardine Bolognese (eugh!!) And flapjack
Tea: picnic sandwiches and fruit

At home:
Pork and mushroom stir fry with noodles, handful of blueberries and a petit filous

Nursed before bed

She's having a growth spurt too!

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AudreyJL · 21/09/2022 21:43

DD is 14 months and breastfed on demand throughout the day.

Breakfast - cheerios
Lunch - tortilla pizza (only took a couple bites and licked all the sauce off), cucumber slices & 1/4 currypuff
Dinner - Lamb stew with rice

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Exhaustedmoose · 21/09/2022 21:52

@Rella357 no fruit or veg Confused Mine is 16months.
Breakfast: 1 weetabix, half mashed banana
Snack: rusk + other half banana
Lunch: half chicken breast and mayo, tomato, cucumber, pepper, cheese
Dessert: yogurt half an orange
Snack: Soreen + half apple
Tea: half roast salmon fillet, waffle, broccoli, yoghurt

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DandelionNumber12 · 21/09/2022 22:00

DS 14m

Weetabix with mashed banana, peanut butter toast
Home made strawberry rice pudding (no sugar, just the fruit)
Carrot and lentil soup, bread and butter, ham, cucumber, strawberries
Half a banana
Salmon and broccoli in creamy sauce, rice, parsnip, beetroot, more strawberries

Breast milk at 4am (annoying), 5.30am (argh), couple of feeds in the day and at 6.45pm

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Olamiamore · 21/09/2022 22:08

Mine is 21 months:

Cup of milk
Toast and banana

Packet of smoothie melts

Cheese on toast
Handful wotsits
Petit filous

1/4 of an iced bun

Cheese, chicken and spinach crepe
Ella's K pudding pot

Cup of milk

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PatientlyWaiting21 · 22/09/2022 22:45

Mine is 10 months:
breakfast - porridge with chia seeds and a kiwi
lunch - veg soup
snack - toast, blueberries, watermelon
dinner - chicken and leek pie, yogurt, pear and cinnamon muffin

plus 20 oz milk

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NauseousNancy · 22/09/2022 23:00

smallest is 5.

chocolate filled crepe for breakfast

mini cheddars for snack

ham sandwich (2 slices of seeded bread with crusts off), melon, strawberries, grapes and babybel for lunch

lots of sweets likely at grandparents

sandwich, cherry tomatoes, crisps for dinner (quick dinner for clubs)

yoghurt & cheese for bedtime snack

this is quite a light day for her, she sometimes eats lots more, sometimes less. I don’t really focus on it, or limit food. Both eat what they want really when they want, both healthy weights and good relationship with food.

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DandelionNumber12 · 23/09/2022 08:54

Yesterday DS had

4am and 5.30am breastfeeds (he slept until 5am today, had some milk, and slept again until 6.30, better)

Overnight oats with cherry, grated apple, blackberries and Greek yoghurt, toast with almond butter

Watermelon, half a banana, breastfeed

Sweet potato soup, bread and butter, half a boiled egg, tomato, satsuma

Rice pudding, breastfeed

Bolognese, roast parsnips, sweetcorn, apple slices


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