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Terrible twos!

clairelm8811 · 06/08/2022 18:12


I'm writing on here to hopefully get some advice, tips, tricks and just hopefully to find I'm not the only one dealing with this.

So my DS is almost 2 and a half and the last month I feel like I'm completely failing as a parent. He's always been super active constantly running, jumping, climbing, throwing etc so these behaviours I'm used to however he has now turned really cheeky and hitting has made a comeback (went through a little phase when he was one but didn't last long) so he's using phrases like "go away mammy" "stupid mammy" 😳 I've also noticed when interacting with other kids he sometimes 'tells them off' this is normally when they are doing something that he would usually not be allowed to do so not sure if that's just normal. And finally we get to hitting, he has started to hit again and now he will punch! Not sure where he has got this from or learned how to even do this! He also says punch while he's doing so I'm guessing he has seen this somewhere and is copying.

I'm just looking for the best and gentlest way to deal with these behaviours. Is it best to just ignore the cheeky comments? I'm at my wits end now 🥴


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