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What nappies do you recommend?

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RedHerring24 · 22/07/2022 12:42

We have used Aldi premium nappies for DD since birth and they have been fantastic. No leaks (occasional poonami but i think thats standard), comfortable, no nappy rash etc.
When I went to buy some more recently I found they seem to have been discontinued?
I bought a couple of packs of their normal nappies but have had nothing but problems with them.
They seem to be a poor fit. The tabs dont stick. DD is constantly pulling at them as though she is uncomfortable.
The final straw was the other night when DD woke up hysterical. She was soaked in urine, as was her sleep bag, fitted sheet and mattress protector. The nappy was firmly in place but was sodden.
It had also only been on for a couple of hours.

Ive been on the hunt in different stores for more if the premium ones but i cant find any. Staff arent particularly helpful.

So my question is, aside from Aldi, what nappies do you recommend for a baby, approx 10kgs who has just started crawling?

OP posts:
TiredAllDay · 22/07/2022 12:44

Oh gosh, I'm using those Aldi ones, the premium ones and they are fab aren't they. Baby is 2 weeks old and we haven't used any others. Really hope they haven't been discontinued. I haven't been to Aldi for a few weeks as we stocked up before baby was born!
Keen to know what others recommend!

Oneforposy7 · 22/07/2022 12:46

I came on to say Aldi! No sign of them being discontinued in our store. I'd be very surprised. They're so popular!

BiscoffSundae · 22/07/2022 12:47

I’ve never used Aldi ones I only buy pampers

EV117 · 22/07/2022 12:49

I don’t think any one type of nappy is better than the other. Babies are all different and it just depends on their skin for comfort and their shape for leakage. If any one nappy was rubbish it just wouldn’t sell. Trial and error is the way forward I’m afraid.
We use Lidl for what it’s worth. Had to buy emergency pampers from the local corner shop the other day and we’ve had terrible night time leakage so we save them for the day now. But someone else could easily find it to be the opposite way around.

tokyotea · 22/07/2022 12:52

I've always used asdas little angles ones. If you go for the + size then they're more absorbent. I've never had any issues with leaks at all. I've tried others and have had issues with leaks so always go back to these ones.

RedHerring24 · 22/07/2022 16:52

We were given some Pampers a while ago which we tried. I must be honest, they werent as good as Aldi! They seemed to not be as good at holding in the poo!!
Ive had a look in a different Aldi and rhey didnt have any either.
They're not even listed on their website now from what the staff told me

They only have the ultra dry ones. Which believe me, are NOT ultra dry at all.
Looks like Ill have to buy a few different brands and see what works best.

OP posts:
BuffaloCauliflower · 22/07/2022 16:54

Tesco Fred and Flo nappy pants here, never had a leak of wee or poo even over long nights of constant breastfeeding! Great once they’re moving because the sides are stretchy and soft

BiscoffSundae · 22/07/2022 16:54

Different for everyone I think I’ve had 4 kids and never had an issues with pampers I don’t use Aldi’s as don’t have one local and no way was I travelling to one every time I needed nappies I like to have one you can easily get anywhere like online ordering etc, just shop around as different people have different experiences

NatalieH2220 · 22/07/2022 17:00

Depends on the child I found. My eldest fit tesco the best and my youngest fits pampers best. Tesco are still ok but definitely get more 💩 leaks with them

lilroo87 · 22/07/2022 17:08

I now use either Asda or Morrison's. I used Aldi premium size 1 and 2's, the 3's were awful so I switched to lidl and they were fab but now tend to use Morrison's or Asda size 4. Lidl size 4's are also pretty good. I find that you get better value than aldi in them as you can get jumbo packs

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