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Reusable Swim Nappies

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babydays12 · 20/05/2022 09:01

Are there any reusable swim nappies out there that people have full trust in for no leaks?

I'm off on holiday soon and would love to not have half a suitcase full of swim nappies.

I'm currently looking at the Totsbots range but would love to hear of any experience people have had with these, or other nappies before I purchase.

In an ideal world I'm looking for something that doesn't need a throwaway swim nappy as well, that's just good enough on its own or with a nappy cover at most.


OP posts:
NearlyHeadlessNick · 20/05/2022 09:02

Bambino Mio 👍
Never tried the tots bots swim nappy but have full confidence in their general nappies.

ifchoclatewerecelery · 20/05/2022 09:08

Bambino mil here too. Never used anything in it. Can confirm it works as I forgot to check it after one swimming session and just whipped it off Confused

whoami24601 · 20/05/2022 09:25

DS had some floaties swim shorts which were fantastic. Would definitely recommend! They were swimsuit material but just looked like normal swim shorts. Then inside they had an elasticated nappy part. He regularly used to poo in them but they never once leaked.

Madmaxxy · 20/05/2022 15:52

Get a neoprene 'happy nappy' or similar to put over the top. I can guarantee they hold in poo! 😂

PurBal · 20/05/2022 15:54


JemimaTiggywinkle · 20/05/2022 15:56

@Madmaxxy I’ve just ordered a happy nappy.. are you meant to use a swim nappy underneath it, or a normal nappy? Or nothing?

Madmaxxy · 20/05/2022 16:00

@JemimaTiggywinkle yes they are designed to go over either a reusable or disposable swim nappy. They basically form a seal around the legs and waist so nothing can get out. We do swimming classes and it's a condition of the class that all babies use this 'double nappy system'

Paddingtonthebear · 20/05/2022 16:03

Splashabout Happy Nappies are very reliable, you just need a washable or disposable swim nappy underneath. Kids shouldn’t just swim in one nappy, it’s really unhygienic as one flimsy swim nappy won’t stop anything leaking in to the water, but lots of places seem to allow it anyway 🤢

Ponderingwindow · 20/05/2022 16:07

It was years and years ago, but we never had a leak with Imse Vimse and we basically lived at the pool.

Caspianberg · 20/05/2022 16:48

We use tots bots.
The splash happy nappy was way too hot in summer, ok indoors in winter

Littlehouseinthebigcity · 21/05/2022 06:26

We use a tots bots nappy over a pair of bambino mio swim pants. Not sure if the double layer is necessary but it gives me peace of mind and has never leaked!

SMBC2020 · 21/05/2022 07:47

We use totsbots and then a happy nappy. She's never pooed in them so I don't know if they leak or not.

PinkPlantCase · 21/05/2022 07:52

We use a little lambs reusable swim nappy.

he’s never pooed in the swimming one, but reusable nappies are really good at keeping poo in anyway so I’d have more confidence in a reusable one than a disposable.

I’ve never bothered with a splash about happy nappy thing, just seemed like extra, unnecessary expense.

sanityisamyth · 21/05/2022 08:00

@PinkPlantCase Happy Nappies should always be worn to keep in any unexpected poo. It might seem an "unnecessary" expense to you, but a tenner for you could save a whole pool being shut down, drained, cleaned, refilled and balanced again. No one likes swimming in a pool with a floater!

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