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Playing Out (versus screens or "I'm Bored")

ADadInDisguise · 14/05/2022 20:10

My childhood involved a lot of playing out - most of the time, calling round to friends houses, playing in the woods or on the street. I see it as an important part of my childhood and wonder if it's an essential part of childhood. DW's experience was different, I think parents less keen on her being allowed out. I think she wonders if I worry too much about this.

I see groups of kids playing and feel envious - wishing my son (12) had these experiences. My daughters do better but they didn't have lockdown at the time they'd really be starting to explore.

I'd like my kids to play out more, to have those experiences, to gain confidence. It's a bit chicken and egg. "I don't know anyone at the park", "Park is boring". If they demand I go then they'll only play with me. Against all this - the lure of rubbish on YouTube which we try to limit.

Schooling here is fragmented, so we don't go to the same school as many kids in our area. We do have scouting though which is a connection with the local community.

So should I worry? Should I try to push it? I try to arrange play dates but am limited to what I can do.

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