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alexsmum · 28/10/2002 22:45

.is this so irritating???
My 2and ahalf year old has just discovered the word why, and is using it constantly.
He's not asking questions just responding to all my comments and questions with the word why.
Any tips on how to keep calm and maybe discourage this endless use of it???

OP posts:
Bugsy · 03/12/2002 10:33

I'm definitely with Zebra on this one and after ds asks me "why" for the xnth time I say "well why do you think?" and if that fails to stop the flow, I just say I don't know! Even if I do!!

lou33 · 03/12/2002 11:54

I tend to use the "go and ask your father" route .

megg · 03/12/2002 12:05

We were watching Fox and the Hound last night and ds asked where the mummy fox had gone, I chickened out and told him to ask his father to which dp told the truth and said she was dead shot by the hunter. He also tells him that the Teletubbies are dead which is why they aren't on tv anymore. We also get why has the moon not gone to bed in the morning and why does Baloo in the Jungle Book pretend to be dead. My ds is only just starting this why phase. Great.

mieow · 03/12/2002 13:59

I have just had "why did Meggy (his sis) come out off your tummy???? from ds........... emmmmmm????

SoupDragon · 03/12/2002 14:19

mieow, I had that question but starting "how..."

Really not ready to go there with a (then) 3yo.

mieow · 03/12/2002 14:45

LOL!!!! My Ds is nearly 5, but I think that he isn't ready for sex education just yet!!!!!

hmb · 03/12/2002 14:49

When Dd was 5 and a half she told me that she didn't want to have children when she grew up. I told her that she didn't have to have any. She then demanded to know exactly how this could be the case. She must be the only child that wanted to know the facts of contraception before the facts of life

Other goodies have been, 'How does the electricity get down the wires', 'how does a windmill make electricity' , and @when God made the worl, what did he make it from'.

they start young!!

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