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alexsmum · 28/10/2002 22:45

.is this so irritating???
My 2and ahalf year old has just discovered the word why, and is using it constantly.
He's not asking questions just responding to all my comments and questions with the word why.
Any tips on how to keep calm and maybe discourage this endless use of it???

OP posts:
Janeway · 28/10/2002 23:05

My mum always responded to "Why?" with "Why do you think....?" - it worked every time (but perhaps I was either too dim, or too ready to please/think for myself)

Marina · 28/10/2002 23:12

I find "and why are you called X (insert name of horrid child)?" works. He just laughs, "Because I am", and we both accept that this particular line of questioning has run its course. Bit like Janeway's mum's solution. He is back asking again in five minutes, though - but now, at three, he is mostly asking for information. The why why why phase passed quite quickly in our house.

Tortington · 28/10/2002 23:51

"because i say so"
works to this day!

SueDonim · 29/10/2002 02:44

My 6 yr old still asks 'why' all the time, although it's in a different context to when she was 2 and said it. Sometimes I'm not sure they even want/need an answer, it's just something for them to say. When I've asked dd why she says 'why' all the time she says "because I want to know everything in the world.' in which case she's asking the wrong person, lol! When at the end of my tether I come out with my long dead grandpa's stock answer - "To make you ask questions."

monkey · 29/10/2002 07:21

I quite like some of the why q's - although I might have to dig out an encyclopedia - mummy why is the moon still out? (Oh blimey - he's going to twig any day that I'm really thick). But it's when I tell him to be careful on the stairs/not to drop books & he asks why - that is very irritating. am I can deal with it. By bedtime I feel like putting my face 1 inch from his & screaming! I never would of course.

Dh's tolerence levels are much lower though, and even though he only sees them on a weekend, after half an hour he's getting really snappy with the 'why's' Any ideas on coping with a husband coping with the whys??

Girly · 29/10/2002 08:30

JUST BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

sis · 29/10/2002 11:31

Ah but Girly that one waas met with " mummy, what is because?"!!!!!

badjelly · 29/10/2002 15:04

I always got "because Y's a crooked letter and you can't straighten it" off my dad. Took me years to work out!

Clarinet60 · 29/10/2002 15:10

My Ds seems to be using this as a way of getting the conversation to carry on longer.

sb34 · 29/11/2002 23:09

Message withdrawn

MandyD · 29/11/2002 23:39

I can't say "Because I say so" or "Just because" as I don't hear anything else but that from DS, 3½, for weeks after!!

Demented · 30/11/2002 00:12

If I say "Just because" to DS1, almost 4, I get "Why just because?". Arrrrgh!!!

SoupDragon · 30/11/2002 08:21

Why DO colours go darker when they're wet??

I can sympathise with this as DS1 (3y9m) asks constant questions. His have moved into "What would happen if..." and are virtually impossible to answer! Aaagh! I use the "Well, what do you think wuld happen if..." way of switching it back to him but this only works occasionally as he then asks the same of me.

mollipops · 30/11/2002 14:01

I remember a friend telling her 5 year old daughter that if she asked WHY one more time, there'd be trouble. Clever girl then asked, "How come?"

sb34 · 30/11/2002 15:40

Message withdrawn

joben · 01/12/2002 20:05

I read somewhere (Rudolph Steiner, maybe)that if you come up with an answer to every question that your child asks,he/she will eventually lose their childlike curiosity telling themselves that mum/dad will tell me (they know everything) so they stop investigating/exploring/imagining/fantasising for themselves and thus have limited imaginations. This sounds rather extreme, I think but there could be some truth in it. Does anybody know anything more about it?

zebra · 01/12/2002 21:08

Janeway: we do what your mother did. I don't know what inspired me, but when DS said "What's that?!" for the 100th time, I just said, "What do you think it is?" He can usually find the answer for himself. It keeps me sane.

Luckily, we're scientists, So I know "why" the sky is blue (Mie scattering), but can I explain it to a 3yo??, ha!

zebra · 01/12/2002 21:10

ps: I presume...
Clothes go darker when they're wet because they reflect less light (water absorbs more light)...

alexsmum · 02/12/2002 00:37

Truly I would be happy to answer his questions if he was asking me for eg."why is the sky blue?" But its not like that, its more like this;
" come on darling,put your coat on"
" why?"
"because we're going out and we need to keep warm"
" because its not nice to be cold"
"it makes us feel uncomfortable"
Ad infinitum.

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 02/12/2002 09:34

DS1 "Why do monkey's have legs?"
Me: "So they can walk"
DS1 "Why do monkeys have legs so they can walk?"
Me "aaaaaggggghhhhh!"

beejay · 02/12/2002 13:39

After the 5th question I always answer:
why does my daughter ask so many questions?
Unfortuately she responds with:
Why does my mother talk so much!

hmb · 02/12/2002 14:11

It got to the point with Dd that I would only answer a question that was a complete sentence. If she was interested enough to do that she was interested in the answer. Just saying 'why' was a reflex/wind up, and she wasn't interested in the reply.

She still askes the most amazing questions. My fave was 'Why are we here?' I couldn't make out if that was practical, geography or philosophical in nature!

titchy · 02/12/2002 16:07

I've just had 'why do we get presents at Xmas?'

Do I tell her now about commercialisation and exploitation or leave that until next year.....

XAusted · 02/12/2002 21:04

alexsmum, I've got an Alex too and he asks the same questions. Sometimes I think "Why?" will be the last word of either dd or ds. EG, "Get off the road!" "Why?" SPLAT! "That's why."

Tortington · 02/12/2002 23:47

and it doesnt get any better, it turns into "what is?" what is 45 multiplied by 3982743? what is the capital of bhurma what is the scientific symbol for...? what is the pythagoras theorum? well not yet but GCSE's are coming. the rotten thing is hubbie knows most of it whereas i say " i only got an english degree arnt you reading shakespeare yet?"

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