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Baby monitors - recommendations needed please

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PurplePansy05 · 29/12/2021 19:11


I thought I did the homework and bought a good baby monitor, however it turns out it was misadvertised - it didn't actually have the features it was supposed to have. I returned it and am back to square one looking for a decent monitor, please could you make any recommendations:

  • needs to have a camera that is controlled remotely via parent unit, ie it can tilt and pan using buttons on the parent unit without the need to enter the nursery and do it manually

  • decent quality video and audio, day and night modes, not too zoomed in and able to see baby's chest rising

  • two way, ie allows to speak to baby

  • works without WiFi (although an option to have an app and connect via WIFI would be helpful)

  • screen doesn't go off after a short time, ie there's no need to press anything every minute or so to actually see what's going on with baby

I'd rather hear from people who actually use them now instead of relying on online descriptions which turns out aren't always accurate. Thank you in advance! Flowers

This thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for a great baby monitor, we’ve recently updated our best baby monitors page with lots of options, as tried and tested by Mumsnet users and their babies. We hope you find it useful. Flowers
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AliceW89 · 29/12/2021 19:48

So I think ours ticks all of those boxes and it’s the BT baby monitor 6000. Except I don’t think it has an app - not that I’ve used anyway.

ShirleyPhallus · 29/12/2021 19:52


So I think ours ticks all of those boxes and it’s the BT baby monitor 6000. Except I don’t think it has an app - not that I’ve used anyway.

Yeah we have this too

The issue with an app is youd need to use it with Wi-Fi, and a monitor that connects on radio signals doesn’t use Wi-Fi. So those two things aren’t compatible, I don’t think.

But it’s good!
loveacupoftea18 · 29/12/2021 19:55

Was just about to say - we have the BT monitor and it does all of this. We are on our second though, found the plugs and cables to not be that robust but it's a great baby monitor.

PurplePansy05 · 29/12/2021 19:56

@AliceW89 Thanks! I have this one shortlisted (the list consists only of this one haha!). Can I ask, what's the signal like? I read some pretty poor reviews on John Lewis that apparently the signal drops easily and it's very frustrating. I have pretty thick walls in my house.

Does it definitely work without WiFi connection as well? I'd rather have this feature for added security (like I said, app can be an optional bonus, I'm undecided if we'd want to use it tbh). xx

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Fupoffyagrasshole · 29/12/2021 20:04

Bt 6000 for me too

Watching my baby on it right now and have taken it away to my parents house while we stay here for a few weeks

It’s basic but it’s been brilliant for us

Fupoffyagrasshole · 29/12/2021 20:06

Signal is fine for us

Sometimes it beeps and drops out but it’s only for a few seconds

ISaidDontLickTheBin · 29/12/2021 20:12

Yep we've got the BT 6000. It's not wi fi enabled at all so no app compatibility. No complaints though! Never had trouble with the signal.

PurplePansy05 · 29/12/2021 20:21

Thank you all 😊 much appreciated! xx

OP posts:
loveacupoftea18 · 29/12/2021 21:14

Ooh hang on then. We've just moved into a house with very thick walls and the monitor is now a bit annoying. It does have better signal than our hello baby monitor but it's not perfect.

PurplePansy05 · 29/12/2021 21:19

Ok. This might be a problem, but I guess I'll have to give it a go first, otherwise I won't know if my walls are too thick.

Final question, I'm just browsing BT products and noticed they have a BT Smart Baby Monitor - any thoughts from MNetters who use this one? Key question being, can it be used without wifi (and only enable it for when the app is being used)? If not then BT 6000 it is for me.

OP posts:
HardonCollider · 30/12/2021 08:26

We’ve got the BT smart one but I don’t tend to use the app any more. Monitor itself is great, picture is clear, pan and tilt are good 😊

WalkingOnSonshine · 30/12/2021 08:40

We have the smart video one, it ticks all your boxes.

We live in a new build, but have used it in an old cottage with very thick walls & haven’t noticed any difference in quality etc.

Bonnealle · 30/12/2021 08:43

Have the Hellobaby from Amazon. It’s great, doesn’t rely on WiFi so no problem away from home or during a power cut. You can zoom, talk, even nursery rhymes play! You can easily see baby breathe. All of us in our NCT bought one due to the good reviews and am so happy with it. It’s been everywhere with us and works in the garden too.

PurplePansy05 · 30/12/2021 09:19

@Bonnealle I looked it up on Amazon and it says the camera doesn't pan and tilt remotely? You can zoom in and out and move the zoomed in picture using the parent unit, but there's no option to actually pan and tilt the camera itself using the parent unit, is this right?

OP posts:
PurplePansy05 · 30/12/2021 09:24

@HardonCollider @WalkingOnSonshine Thank you both, so it sounds like the BT Smart can be used without WiFi and I could choose to connect it over WiFi to use the app, is this right?

Does your phone have to be connected to the same WiFi at the time of using the app as the monitor?

Is picture quality better on the app?

Anything you like/dislike about the app?

OP posts:
HardonCollider · 30/12/2021 11:12

I believe you can use the app on a different Wi-Fi although I’ve not tried this. I remember the app being a bit clunky and the video was a bit delayed but otherwise it was fine.

We tend to just use the parent unit because we’re at home in the signal range whenever the monitor is being used.

WalkingOnSonshine · 30/12/2021 11:22

Yep we mainly just use the monitor without the WiFi - we visit family/travel a lot so didn’t want to have to keep connecting it to various WiFi’s. I have the app on my phone too though.

Monitor screen is definitely big enough and loud enough. I do like the app because you can zoom in, I’d say I found the app quality marginally better than the monitor.

The phone doesn’t need to be connected to the same WiFi. I’ve been at the hairdressers or out and can have a quick glance at the app to check DS isn’t being too much of a pain!

You can take little videos and photos on the app which I like, mainly of DS doing a 180 in his sleep or the odd time outside of sleep time that the cat has decided to sleep at the foot of the cot.

PurplePansy05 · 30/12/2021 11:26

Super helpful, thank you ladies Flowers xx

OP posts:
abbs1 · 30/12/2021 11:30

We have the Eufy Security 360.

Honestly best purchase ever. Can see babys chest rise and fall, very clear picture both night mode and day mode, can talk to baby through it, plays music, can zoom in and out and scan the room all from monitor without going in the room. You can leave the screen lit up all the time on different brightness.
Not wifi connected. My DS is now 21 months and its given me peace of mind esp as DS had a lot of issues as newborn which always scared me when he was sleeping so i needed to keep a close eye on him at all times even when in the room with him in the dark.

Bonnealle · 30/12/2021 12:03

Hi, yes you can pan and zoom remotely. To be honest I’ve never done it apart from when we set it up as the view is so good you can see everything.

PurplePansy05 · 06/01/2022 20:55

Just here to report I bought the BT Smart monitor and it's great. Not using the WiFi/app atm, but there's an option to do so and as you've all confirmed, it ticks all the boxes! I'm delighted. Never again will I buy a VTech!

Thank you all Flowers xx

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