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Hospital bag packing

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Tiredpregnantmess · 15/12/2021 12:19


34+1 and starting the hopsital bag packing today.

What did you wish you took? Any recommendations? Anything a waste of space in the bag?

How many vests/sleep suits should I pack for DD?

OP posts:

Nat6999 · 22/12/2021 04:45

Earplugs & something to read, I ended up being in 6 nights & was in a single room on post natal, once I felt more human I was bored stiff.


Tiredpregnantmess · 22/12/2021 07:21


If you’re giving birth at cramlington, my sister just gave birth there and ended up there 5 days, she said it was absolutely boiling! Like she and her DP were sweating profusely, so don’t pack warm clothes Grin

Also people can drop things off at the midwife desk for you, my mum dropped hot food off for them every day so they had something decent to eat as the food was rubbish. So don’t worry too much if you are missing something.

Tbf my DSis didn’t really have a great experience with the MWs there so hoping you do. Good luck OP.

Oh no sorry she didn't have a good experience. We haven't got any one who will be able to drop things in so planning to take extra in. Even if we did by the time were in covid may mean no drop offs haha. How strange everyone I've spoke to in person said that they were cold rather than hot. Will take thinner stuff aswell as blanket just incase.
OP posts:

SGChome20 · 22/12/2021 07:33

My DH wasn’t allowed to leave the room either once in and after baby was born he had to leave a couple of hours later. He was allowed back in for visiting the next day though so could bring extra stuff in then and take away dirty stuff. Is your DH not allowed to do that?

I second taking flip flops and a large refillable water bottle. I ended up being in for a week so there’s no way I would’ve packed enough stuff for that long. Even though if your DH isn’t allowed to visit he’ll definitely be able to drop stuff off surely.


mummyh2016 · 22/12/2021 07:37

A water spray bottle. I was boiling in labour and DH had the very important job of spraying me with cold water whilst I was having contractions.


Tiredpregnantmess · 03/01/2022 21:54

Thanks for all the tips guys. Bags are packed and in the car ready for induction tomorrow. Eeep.

OP posts:

blahblahx · 10/01/2022 19:45

Loving this thread, has helped me feel at ease with packing mine!

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