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How to help baby with cold?

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Kitkatkit122 · 31/10/2021 19:20

Sounds like snot is pooling in her throat at night. Nose sucker is helping a bit.

OP posts:
Anybridget7 · 31/10/2021 19:23

I use a combo of Saline spray, snot sucker & calpol plug in

Fdksyihfd · 31/10/2021 19:26

Calpol plug in and saline spray were my go to ones and raise the cot a bit if you can (I put books under the legs)

jupitermars1345 · 31/10/2021 19:29

Snuffle babe vapour rub and Calpol plug in

ToastCrumbsOnAPlate · 31/10/2021 19:31

I second using calpol plug ins. I put one in the living room during the day as well in the bedroom at night.

Also plenty of fluids.

I got some vapour bath stuff from asda the last time my little one had a cold too. I put it in his bath as well as in the sink with hot water to create steam. If you try to keep your baby playing in the bath as long as possible with the door shut it really helps.

giftswap2020 · 31/10/2021 19:36

I use olbas oil sprinkled on the curtains near her head. Way out of reach, but fills the whole room with the scent

traka · 31/10/2021 20:44

Calpol plug-ins are good. Switch on half an hour before bed

Savers do the refills cheaper than elsewhere

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 31/10/2021 20:45

Raise the head of their mattress so they are on a slight slope

Baby vicks on the feet

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