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Traditional baby’s toys

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AnyFucker · 25/10/2021 08:54

Does anyone know the best place to buy traditional baby’s toys, like wooden ones etc. Shape sorting, posting toys. The kind of ones I remember from my own children’s babyhood. Suitable for around 12 months

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Oreoreo · 25/10/2021 10:23

When I worked in Clinton Cards we had a range of toys called Melissa and Doug that were like that. Not sure if they still sell them but Next have them online. I’m sure other places probably stock them too

AnyFucker · 25/10/2021 10:25


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FTMbg · 25/10/2021 10:30

Last shop I saw a nice selection in was here:

T0rt0ise · 25/10/2021 10:33

Babipur, little goat gruff or small eco steps are your best best. John Lewis also do a nice wooden range but I'm less sure about the environmental/ethical standards.

Good brans to look at are plan toys, heimiess, bajo, Grimms, Lanka Kade.

Caspianberg · 25/10/2021 10:33

Myriad toys. Traditional, and usually wooden

Legoisthebest · 25/10/2021 10:39

Pretty much any toy shop, supermarket or department store. Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos all sell wooden traditional toys. Some 'own brand' but also brands like Melissa and Doug. Aldi and Lidl sell decent quality wooden toys. Not always in store because the specials change but their website has loads.

Lockdownmummy · 25/10/2021 11:14
Letsallscreamatthesistene · 25/10/2021 12:19

Another vote for Jaques of London. Good quality and reasonably priced.

AnyFucker · 25/10/2021 13:51

Thanks all

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