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Little green sheep Moses basket - worth it?

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Elisemum · 23/09/2021 06:35

Hey mums, thinking of getting it for downstairs, mainly because it looks so pretty :) we have chicco for upstairs overnight sleeping. just wondering if it’s worth the price and how long did it last for your babies?

OP posts:
borntobequiet · 23/09/2021 06:37

No Moses basket is worth it for the very short time you use it.

SmallGreenStripes · 23/09/2021 06:37

I have 3 DC, never had a Moses basket. They grow out of them so fast, seems like a waste of money!

Twickerhun · 23/09/2021 06:50

My son was in a Moses basket upstairs for 3 months max and my daughter for 5 months. We only used the pram bassinet downstairs. We were given the Moses basket, wouldn’t have e paid for one as babies use them for such a short time.

FreeBritnee · 23/09/2021 07:02

Any of this overpriced stuff is only worth it if there’s a good resale value afterwards.

Mybalconyiscracking · 23/09/2021 07:29

Buy the Moses basket that will be outside the NSPCC charity shop in a day or two.
The reason there are so many is that you get all of 3 months use out of them if you are lucky.
Yes, a basket is useful but do not spend more than 25 pounds on it.
Or just bring the Chicco downstairs in the day time.

Elisemum · 23/09/2021 07:33

Thanks all, I agree with you that’s it’s not really needed and probably a bit of a waste of money. But the little green sheep is so cute I just want it for pictures and decor :) it’s expensive though (120 pounds) and I already have a cocoonababy too. Moneys not a huge factor here so I might wait and see. But thanks all!

OP posts:
Autumncoming · 23/09/2021 07:54

I bought one as am having second baby. First baby's moses turned out to be a very special part of his early life but has not lasted.
So bought this new expensive one as a gift for myself and baby. Pretty much everything else they're getting is a hand me down.
With most baby stuff my advice is buy second hand but there's a joy in having a few new special things too.

Zarene · 23/09/2021 08:11

Honestly, it’s not just the money. You will have so much baby STUFF that in a few months you’ll be desperate for space back and less clutter. The Moses basket will become one more thing that you need to think about selling/ giving away, and you’ll curse it.

JasonMomoasgirlfriend · 23/09/2021 08:31

You want to spend £120 on a cute green sheep and for decor for a few months?

That seems silly to me. I'd rathe rout the money into a bank account for my child.

JasonMomoasgirlfriend · 23/09/2021 08:32

You're being conditioned by a market industry to make you think you need to spend lots of money or you won't have the ideal baby experience.
It's bollocks!

8dpwoah · 23/09/2021 08:38

We just used the pram for DD1 downstairs and it was fine. Couldn't be arsed to move the next to me up and down stairs though, I wouldn't recommend that!

We've got the Moba? (as was) basket this time because I want DD2 to have a clearly defined 'leave me in peace' bed downstairs to help DD1 understand.

I picked that one because it looks like it will be ok for toy storage or as a laundry basket when we've finished using it (probably at about 4 months as PPs have alluded to) for its intended purpose. It's definitely not cute or Instagram worthy but there we go.

lobsteroll · 23/09/2021 08:40

Get a second hand Moses basket and buy a great mattress.

We've ways bought little green sheep mattresses for Moses basket/snuz pod/cot and have been really pleased with them and they've seen us through both kids so I would definitely recommend them.

My first didn't even like the Moses basket and barely spent any time in it. Luckily we'd been given it by a friend so it was no great shame and my second loved it.

Elisemum · 23/09/2021 09:28

@lobsteroll I actually just got the little green sheep matress for my old chicco next 2 me and I’m
amazed by the quality. I just love luxury/great quality products that you can see straight away are well worth the money. That’s what actually made me look up the green sheep Moses basket. Anyway I may just wait and see as yes it is expensive a specially that we also have a lovely brand new cocoonababy that was also 120!

OP posts:
abacustard · 23/09/2021 10:20

@Elisemum I'm exactly the same. An absolute sucker for all things luxury and with a certain aesthetic. I bought this exact Moses basket with the mattress etc. In honesty, it's nothing amazing, lasts four months max, the handles are really quite flimsy, not overly sturdy on the stand and my son absolutely hated being in it so it was barely used. That being said, if money's not an issue then I'd just buy it because you're only going to sit there always wishing you had. Just get it out of your system and buy it I say!

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