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Plain kids water bottle please?

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Spainintherain · 06/09/2021 22:00

My 4 yo daughter needs a plain coloured water bottle for her school and the one I bought her leaked. Can anyone recommend one for kids please?

OP posts:
CheekyChewinski · 06/09/2021 22:01

Now, this may sound dramatic but we have gone through a LOT of water bottles and these are the best we've had. Waitrose Triton water bottles.

Plain kids water bottle please?
Mmmmdanone · 06/09/2021 22:12

Recent thread on here recommended ion8. I bought 2 and all good so far.

irresistibleoverwhelm · 06/09/2021 22:15

The Sistema ones are good - we used to have the twist and sip ones, and now get the Sistema Triton as you can clean all the parts in the dishwasher.

With the sippy or straw lid features they get manky and uncleanable very quickly. (Though there is a Sistema video somewhere on the web showing you how to take all the bits apart for cleaning.)

polkadotpjs · 06/09/2021 22:26

@CheekyChewinski Interesting. Ours leaks. Do you dishwash yours?

AnnoyedByAlfieBear · 06/09/2021 22:26

I got these. They're brilliant so far.

Best Sports Water Bottle Leak Proof 1L/700ml/500ml/400ml BPA Free Tritan Drink Bottles|Kids,Adults,Gym,School,Sport,Cycling| with Times to Drink & Fruit Infuser Filter & Lock Cover|BPA Free Reusable Large

mummydinosaurRawr · 06/09/2021 22:27

Aldi have got good metal ones in for £3.99. I think they had then in plain green or a few patterns.

buddy79 · 06/09/2021 22:31

Ion8 are brilliant - my son has had his for 4 years I think, it’s never leaked and is like new:

MadeinBelfast · 06/09/2021 22:31

I agree the Ion8 ones are good. Easy to clean and no leaks.

5zeds · 06/09/2021 22:34

Chilly bottles, dd is heading into y10, bought in y2!!!! One dent and one lid replaced.

MurielsWedding · 06/09/2021 22:37

Do you mean clear so they can see that it's water?
If so sistema Titan 600mls.
Only some of the colour choices are transparent so it's best to get one in an actual shop rather than online.

If it doesn't need to be transparent then the Contigo is best for small children as it auto seals.
They are expensive on Amazon but you can get them in lots of places much cheaper!

CheekyChewinski · 07/09/2021 11:56

@polkadotpjs no I don't to be honest. I always think it does more damage than good so don't risk it.

randomsabreuse · 07/09/2021 12:00

Agree with Ion8. For school a covered thing that your lips touch is a definite plus! Not leaked yet but had lots of leaks with the Sistema Twist and Sip - user error by child mostly.

DeathMetalMum · 07/09/2021 12:01

Ion8 or gstra from amazon both pretty much the same water bottle. Mine like a strap they can hold so I went with the amazon one when dd1 lost her Ion8 one. Good as there's no straws or bits that are difficult to clean.

Soubriquet · 07/09/2021 12:06

Sistema. Cheap and cheerful

starfishmummy · 07/09/2021 12:19

Try a camping shop they usually have a good selection. DS always had a metal one at a fraction of the cost of the "trendy" brands like Kleen Kanteen.

BiddyPop · 07/09/2021 12:27

DD uses a lot of water bottles for sport, and we have just bought a load of spares again. I usually buy Decathlon ones and they work well and are cheap. Primark also had some good ones. We've been through lots of cheap and expensive ones over the years....some leak, some get cracked from abuse in sports bags, some end up washing out of boats and floating away....and we've found that some quite expensive ones as goody bag presents and prizes have been absolutely rubbish. (I also have a nice Chilly bottle, but it needs to unscrew so may not work well for a DC in primary school).

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