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baby not interested in her milk

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parent · 08/10/2002 01:01

My four and a half month old over the last week has become disinterested in her bottle of milk. She's constently figitty, eyes all around the room concentrating on everything exept drinking her bottle. Ive tried putting her in her car seat to feed her and propping up her bottle making it difficult to concentrate on things going on around her. Burping her more often. etc I just feel like im force feeding her. Fighting with her to drink her milk. Im beginning to get worried as this happens with every bottle. Any advise.

OP posts:

ionesmum · 08/10/2002 15:13

Are you also weaning her? Could she have a blocked nose? Is she teething? Is she on the right size teat - my dd needed a 6 mo one?


parent · 16/10/2002 22:02

I think ive got it sorted now. Bought her fast flow teats - seems to be doing the trick. I think she was getting tired constantly drinking for twenty minute. Now takes half the time to feed her. Lazy baby or what :-)

OP posts:

tigermoth · 17/10/2002 12:54

Not lazy, just knows what he wants

I remember doing this with my youngest son. Change of teat size made an instant difference.
Glad your problem is sorted, parent.

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