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Electronic Tagging for Children

3 replies

rosehip · 30/09/2002 20:41

Did anyone read the article on the mum who is going to have her 3 children (11, 10 and 5 ) fitted with a micro chip so she can locate them anywhere anytime.

OP posts:

threeangels · 30/09/2002 20:48

Whenever I hear or read about this idea I think of it as something from sci-fi. A little too much for me. I dont think I read this article yet.


leander · 30/09/2002 21:58

sorry but I think it is terrible.We all want to protect our children but this is just taking it too far.


mollipops · 01/10/2002 09:30

It all seems a bit Big Brother to me...I mean, it's very nice in theory "always knowing where your children are" but there are so many other things to consider, like at what age do you have it removed? How many police callouts will there be for these things, when the child has gone to a friend of a friend's for example, and the mother has panicked about where they are? And if the child objects at say age 13, are they considered old enough to have the right to "privacy" and make that choice?

There goes the old saying "You can't watch them every minute"...

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