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Baby trike on bus?

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ReySky · 30/09/2020 07:46

My 9 month old DS has always been a pushchair / sling / baby carrier refuser, and last month someone recommended I buy him a trike, which I did and he absolutely loves it. It has literally changed my life in that I can leave the house and go for a walk for longer than ten minutes without him having a meltdown. However I still can't go very far with him, I don't drive and live an hour's walk (round trip) from town. I am feeling very isolated and miss just popping to town for a browse or a coffee etc. I am wondering if people think it would be acceptable to take the trike on a bus? I would obviously move if space was required by a wheelchair user. It is around the same size as a pushchair, perhaps slightly longer, but it doesn't fold away. I'm desperate to start getting out and about more but worried it would not go down very well with other bus users? I am starting driving lessons shortly but in the meantime, and before it gets horribly cold, I'd love to get out. Thank you Smile

OP posts:
DappledThings · 30/09/2020 07:50

I wouldn't bat an eyelid. It's fine.

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles · 30/09/2020 07:51

I would ask your bus company if it is acceptable.

If you had to move it for a wheelchair, where would you move it to?

Sirzy · 30/09/2020 07:52

As long as your willing to get off for a wheelchair then I don’t see a problem

Stopthehop · 30/09/2020 07:53

There would be nowhere to move it to on the bus so I wouldn't take it.

ShyTown · 30/09/2020 07:54

Since you can’t fold it, you’ll have to get off the bus and wait for the next one should the space be required by a wheelchair user. But as long as you’re ok with that then I don’t see an issue.

PaulinePetrovaPosey · 30/09/2020 07:57

I absolutely would. A long as you move if you need to it's no problem at all!

Veterinari · 30/09/2020 07:57

You need to check with the bus company. Most buses won't take bikes or other non-collapsible items (except wheelchairs)

seayork2020 · 30/09/2020 07:57

I personally would not have done that, what if wheel chair users got on there would be no where to move it too.

If it folded down sure I would if I checked with the bus company but I think they would be fine with a fold down one

ivfbeenbusy · 30/09/2020 08:01

I had a similar trike for DD - guessing it's the ones with the handle on the back for you to push/steer. I wouldn't have taken mine on the bus. 30 mins walk to town and then 30 mins back again isn't all that far. With our trike the seat reclined a bit in case she fell asleep on the walk and the bag on the back held loads of shopping

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