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Jumperoo Songs, please help!

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CW6789 · 25/01/2020 14:42

Hi everyone!!

I have a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo (10/10, ace, recommend highly!) BUT..... please could someone help my poor little brain.

I have many of the Jumperoo songs stuck in my head for many hours. The only thing worse than having them in my head on replay constantly is that I don't know what songs they are (first world issues). I can definitely recognise "The Bear Necessities" and "Insy Winsy" but there are others that I just can't work out.... please could anyone help put lyrics to the noises inside my head? My husband is going mad with the dum dum dum noises I'm singing round the house constantly (even though LO thinks I'm hilarious)

Thank you!!!

OP posts:
YakkityYakYakYak · 25/01/2020 17:53

No idea sorry but also find myself with those damn songs stuck in my head all day. To make it worse, DD has now started to imitate the little monkey noise. The jumperoo is a life saver though when I just need 10 mins to get something done so I’m not complaining!

Rosebud1302 · 25/01/2020 22:46

Oh my god I feel your pain. My son is way too old now but I used to sing them in my head ALL THE TIME. I like you can still sing those two in my head but can't think of the others. I have one in my head but I don't recognise the song at all. It's the last one played in the chain. I can't remember the other one at all....

Wuzzle85 · 25/01/2020 23:02

We have been given one of these for our son. Not set it up yet- what age is it suitable from?

Tobebythesea · 26/01/2020 06:43

When they have decent head control. About 5-6 months.

HV recommended only using it for a maximum of 10 mins a day due to possible hip issues.

I also have those tunes in my head.Grin

PatricksRum · 26/01/2020 06:45

@Wuzzle85 I wouldn't recommend. Baby is being held in a position rather than supporting themselves, thus, counter productive.

BertieBotts · 26/01/2020 06:56

We used it from about 4 months - it's fine as long as you're not leaving them in it all day! You might have to put something under their feet if they can't reach the floor.

I am afraid it was years ago for me so I can't remember the songs :o I loved that jumperoo. I think it was the first thing I saw in a baby catalogue that I went I need to have that.

DaffodilsAndDandelions · 26/01/2020 07:15

Take the batteries out! My poor son never knew a Jumperoo made sounds or flashed lights. Reading this thread I feel like that was a good thing. He still LOVED hi Jumperoo though

Wuzzle85 · 26/01/2020 11:05

Thanks. Of course I will be mindful of time spent in it. Can’t see the harm in it for short amounts of time. @PatricksRum what do you mean counter productive?

BertieBotts · 26/01/2020 15:50

It's only counterproductive if you're expecting it to help them learn to walk, which seems unlikely. As an entertainment activity it's not counterproductive at all, it works very well.

Wuzzle85 · 26/01/2020 18:19

Thanks. Yes never thought it would help for his walking. More of a way for him to be entertained for a short time while I do a few jobs like get the washing folders.

PatricksRum · 31/01/2020 02:22
PatricksRum · 31/01/2020 02:30

Sorry meant to tag @Wuzzle85
Apologies OP

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