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Toothbrush for a baby?

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BlueMoon1103 · 19/08/2019 17:29

My DS is 5 months and has two teeth! I know I need to start cleaning them so can someone recommend a toothbrush suitable for little babies? A silicone one maybe?

OP posts:
lifeinthedeep · 19/08/2019 17:31

We have a mothercare brand one. It’s silicone and comes with a little case. It’s brilliant, fits on your finger. I think it was only around £3 :)

OrangeSwoosh · 19/08/2019 17:33

We've been using the aquafresh milk teeth one (with the same toothpaste) since teeth appeared

Yogurtcoveredricecake · 19/08/2019 19:40

Same as OrangeSwoosh. You can normally get them on offer in boots or the supermarket.

Rosebud1302 · 19/08/2019 22:34

I use the BrushBaby electric toothbrush as my son was a right monster having his teeth cleaned. He now loves it! I'm not sure if it's for 6 months plus though. Got it on Amazon x

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