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Best travel toys

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peanutbutter310 · 10/08/2018 11:25

We have got two holidays coming up which will involve flights and long car journeys with DD (16 months). Last year she was young enough to spend the journeys happily sleeping / staring at the lights on the ceiling. Obviously things have changed!

I will load up an iPad with a few episodes of peppa pig and bring some lift the flap books. I would also like to bring a small selection of 'travel friendly' toys to entertain her - things that are easy to stick into hand luggage, without lots of bits to drop under seats, etc

Can anybody recommend things that their children enjoy on long journeys?

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canberramum · 10/08/2018 11:31

Stickers were popular with my dd at that age. Small toys wrapped up in wrapping paper are good too. It's not so much about the toy as the fun of unwrapping it. Also if you can get a cheap little magnetic doodle board, they provide lots of fun!

Di11y · 12/08/2018 12:16

My 12 month old enjoys pulling stuff out of little fabric bag, doesn't matter what they are - pompoms are good. We've taken toy kitchen stuff on our car holiday for when we arrive, but she's enjoyed a cup and spoon quite a bit.

What about a small etcher sketch type thing

BananaRumpus · 12/08/2018 13:09

MagnaDoodle was a big hit with our little one (just aged 2) when we travelled longhaul to visit family earlier this year. It's like an etch a sketch. She has a Peppa Pig one but you can get a Thomas one and probably others. Lightweight and small and not very expensive (we got from Argos). Didn't show to her until we were on the plane so she had the novelty value of something new.

We also took a first colouring pad (even tho she just scribbled on the pics), loads of story books (including a couple she hadn't seen until on the plane too) and sticker books. We also got special toddler headphones from Amazon that prevent volume going too high and causing ear damage and she watched a few cartoons. X

peanutbutter310 · 12/08/2018 18:34

Thanks everyone - have ordered a sticker book and magnadoodle from Amazon. Will wrap those up, as well as a couple of her existing toys (great tip!)

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