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First toothbrush

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AllTheWayDown · 04/01/2018 18:54

Dd (8mo) has finally got her first tooth!
Now I obviously need to start brushing it but have no idea what sort of brush or toothpaste to use. I have a little tube of aqua fresh milk teeth that I got as a sample. I was just wondering what people would recommend as am going out tomorrow to pick them up. Also not sure if this is a silly question but do I brush twice a day from now or just once until she has a few more? Thank you for any replies.

OP posts:
Candyfloss1122 · 04/01/2018 19:02

We bought a little pink tooth brush from boots. Can't remember the name but it just has a very small circular head of bristles.

I brush DD teeth (she currently has 4) every night in the bath, and every morning before we go out, however admittedly if we are in rush/flap I sometimes forget 😬. But without fail they are done every night, and this has been the case since the first tooth.

Chaosofcalm · 04/01/2018 20:26

Pick a brand of toothpaste that you are happy to keep buying as my toddler refused to brush her teeth with a new type of toothpaste. Check it has the right amount of fluoride in it. It is good to have a tooth brush for baby to use and one for you to help them brush their teeth as they will want to join in soon.

QueenOfTheAndals · 04/01/2018 20:44

You can get toothbrushes for babies which are like little silicone glove fingers with bristles attached. You put one on your finger and use that to brush their teeth. A bit faddy but good for babies!

ZincOxideEugenol · 04/01/2018 20:54

Any small headed soft bristled brush for children will be fine. As for toothpaste, look for 1000 parts per million of fluoride. Most baby toothpaste have this.
Try and go for a mild mint paste rather than a fruity flavoured one, just so she gets used to a mint flavour early on. Brush twice daily with a dry toothbrush. Don't put water on the brush as this dilutes the fluoride and it won't stay in contact with the teeth. Use a smear of paste to start with and build up to a pea sized amount once she has her full set of teeth.
Let her have a go but you need to brush them too, children don't have the fine movement in their hands to brush effectively until they're around 6 years old. Good luck!

MrsPrimAndProper · 04/01/2018 23:16

Go for 'proper' brands like aquafresh or Colgate. Don't buy stupid character toothpastes because they don't have the right amount of fluoride. You need 1000ppm fluoride.

And, yes, always twice a day!

AllTheWayDown · 05/01/2018 10:51

I was thinking to buy mint anyway to get her used to it as can imagine if she has the flavoured ones then it'll be a nightmare to get her to use mint.

Thank you everyone, that's all really helpful Smile xx

OP posts:
clarabellski · 05/01/2018 10:57

Your dentist might be able to give you freebie kit. Every time I go to the dentist he gives us a new brush for DS. We have tons of them.

Our HV also gave us some at one of our visits.

This is Scotland though. Might be different in other parts of UK.

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