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Swedish/ Swedish speaking

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vicky99 · 14/07/2004 00:50

Hej, i'm a swedish girl now living in england and would love to meet/talk to any other mums how speak swedish. I have 2 children both bilingual.

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peamo · 16/07/2004 22:47

Hi, I have a ds who is 5 months and am hoping he'll be bi-lingual. We live in London and dh is English but I'll try! Where do you live?

vicky99 · 17/07/2004 00:03

i Winchester som ligger 45 min söder om London och du_

OP posts:
peamo · 18/07/2004 19:10

Ostra London - Dalston, Hackney. Hur gamla ar dina barn?

willow2 · 22/07/2004 10:57

Sorry to hijack this thread girlies - but if you can help in any way with my "drinking during pregnancy" thread in the media section I'd be extremely grateful! Thanks xxx

charlotta · 05/02/2005 15:03

Also Swedish, living in Andover, Hampshire about 15 miles northwest of Winchester
dd is 10 years and ds is 19 months, sadly neither speaks Swedish, except for me...
dh is English

Blondeinlondon · 14/03/2005 15:26

Hello all
Do any of you have Swedish tv in the UK?
If so, how did you get it?


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