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Stuckinside · 09/02/2023 12:45

Next door to us is a neighbour who doesn't like children. We live in an area for families. My children love to be outside when it's nice, and laugh and play and talk and occasionally can be loud for a few seconds. My neighbour cannot stand any noise they make, or any sound. They are never out early or late, and we are rarely in the garden at all because of her. I don't really know why I'm writing this, just to vent. But she watches my boys when we are out, has in the past used a hosepipe on us but said she was watering her plants, but boasted about doing it, moans about our paddling pool, trampoline and our loud guinea pigs..... I now feel sp anxious about being outside at all when she is there, but they are really not loud at all, they are just being children. What else can I do? When we are outside, she turns her music up really loud so we can't even speak to eachother to drown out any noise we make....

OP posts:

underneaththeash · 09/02/2023 12:51

Ignore her. If she tries to moan at you - walk away.


TheodoreMortlock · 09/02/2023 13:07

Amplify the guinea pigs.


corcaithecat · 09/02/2023 13:52

If she's playing her music very loud outdoors, report her to your local council.

She's trying to intimidate you into moving. Do you have any tall loud male friends you could invite round one evening? She could do with a taste of her own medicine!

She might then realise "better the devil you know..."


007DoubleOSeven · 09/02/2023 13:54

I might decide my fence needed regular watering

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