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Artificial Flowers

5 replies

chai18 · 27/03/2006 17:15

Anyone got any really nice ones? Where From?

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HRHQueenOfQuotes · 27/03/2006 17:21

Yes - got some absolutely gorgeous ones..........but we got them free from the Furntture Show last year - hand made in South Africa and AFAIK not available in the shops in the UK.

bluesky · 27/03/2006 18:10

They are fantastic.

As in, my husband bought the lillies out of the sitting room just before we went on holiday, as he didn't want them wilting whilst we were away ..

"dur, they're not real you know!"

chai18 · 28/03/2006 09:48


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chai18 · 30/01/2007 17:09


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MrsBadger · 30/01/2007 17:11

agree Bloom are the best place I've found - I have an orchid of theirs on my desk and had to forcibly stop the administrator watering it...

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