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using 2 nurseries - bad to consider?

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sonsmum · 30/06/2010 11:39

i have to work 5 days a week so my baby and pre schooler attend nursery which they love....however i'm unhappy as there is a recent high turnover of staff and some other issues that bother me.

i work 20miles away and currently use a nursery close to home.
only other nursery option is one close to work (more expensive) but this will be inconvenient on the days i work from home.

currently considering dropping days at current nursery to 2 days and having 3 days at the new nursery.

does anyone else use 2 nurseries simultaneously?!....anything i should be considering with this proposal?

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atworknotworking · 30/06/2010 12:53

I would check with both nurseries to see if they are ok with shared care, some are some arn't. As their is a lot of papershuffling to be done between settings.

But in theory sounds like a good option for you, if you feel your DC's will settle well and cope with the different environments then should be ok, but if your having doubts about the one you use now, would it be worth considering cutting that out all together and using a CM and nursery instead.

sonsmum · 30/06/2010 13:06

thanks for reply.....
had no idea about paperwork etc so will have to think this through carefully and make enquiries before i do anything hasty.....

such a shame our current nursery is going downhill.

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Blackduck · 30/06/2010 13:08

We did it with ds and it worked fine. He went two days with dp to work nursery and three days to a local nursery.....

Oblomov · 30/06/2010 13:11

why do you need to tell anyone ? is none of the local nurserys business what you do on the other days. or is it ? are you legally bound to declare ?

happymostofthetime · 30/06/2010 13:15

I use 2 settings a pre school and a nursery and it has worked well for my DD in fact I would say it has made her more confident and splits up her week nicely

Blackduck · 30/06/2010 13:16

We never informed either about the other one so I don't understand the paper shuffling thing?!

sonsmum · 30/06/2010 13:41

atworknotworking - can you explain what you mean about the paper shuffling?!

Is there a legality involved?

If i don't have to tell current nursery DCs will be 'elsewhere' for 3 days i would rather not.

OP posts:
bigstripeytiger · 30/06/2010 13:48

I did this for a while, when I was moving DDs from one nursery to another. They didnt have the days I wanted initially, so split the days for a bit.
There was no problem at all, DDs coped with it with no problem, and was able to split the pre-school funding across the two settings also.

atworknotworking · 30/06/2010 21:44

Sorry guys I'm on about the EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage, each setting has to follow the EYFS and work with other providers by linking up and sharing planning, observations etc. Tis a bit tedious as I find that some are more responsive than others which can make things a bit awkward as it is a legal requirement that we do this. Also on registration forms it usually asks if the child attends another setting / childminder / playgroup etc so that they can link up.

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