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Am I over-reacting...?

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EvieBear · 23/05/2010 21:42

My 11 month old has started nursery - on her third day there (half day) I dropped her in and left a bottle of milk for her. When I went to collect her, I asked had she drank her bottle. There was a bit of fuzzy communication between staff and then they revealed that they thought another mother had taken my dd's bottle home. I'm quite polite so I said 'oh i see, ok... hmmm... no worries' etc while this info sank in...

I then went to walk away and thought, hang on what is the procedure with bottles? So I turned around and asked 'what is the procedure for knowing who owns which bottle?' The team leader for the room who was sitting on the floor said 'they're labelled'. I said ok and went to walk away again, then thought some more and turned around to ask who labels them: me or the nursery to which I got a reply 'you' and that was that. During the initial conversation with one of the staff in the room -where they were all trying to work out what had happened- one staff member did apologise but to be honest I wasn't happy with the way they dealt with the situation.

How simple and professional is it for the manager of the room to come over to me when I come to collect my dd and say 'we apologise but there has been a mix up with bottles and another mum took your dd's bottle home today' - instead she sat on the floor and communicated to another staff member who then spoke to me and we were all in the same room. I thought it was highly unprofessional. In addition I felt foolish having to go back to ask how bottles are organised twice- why couldn't they apologise and tell me in one short conversation how things are done. The whole thing is odd because if they are labelled then why did the other mum take our unlabelled bottle?

How would you feel?

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MoneyNoPockets · 24/05/2010 18:29

Doesn't seem very professional or organised.

Did your dd actually get fed her bottle?

Are they going to communicate with this mum to retrieve your bottle?

atworknotworking · 25/05/2010 18:25

Yep sounds a bit pants, in a baby unit one of the key areas is health n safety, if your bottle wasn't labelled then I would expect the staff to have done it and politely reminded you (you obv didn't know too label as wern't told).

I also don't get why the carer passed info to someone else to tell you, its a bit bizarre if you were all in the same room then why didn't she just tell you in person.

I would also like to know who had your childs formula / breast milk. Some babies require specialist milk formula due to allergies. Whole thing doesn't sound very safe if someone else has had it. However if your child has had its milk, staff washed bottles and simply put in the wrong bag, then not great but better than someone else having your childs feed.

I do waffle on a lot so simply I would firmly ask for a copy of their policies and go through them.

EvieBear · 26/05/2010 15:37

Thanks for replying atwork and money - you seem to feel similarly to me about it what happened.

I'm just angry and upset as not only do I have the regular anxiety over her starting nursery but I am now wondering what the heck their hygiene standards etc are.

I complained to the manager who was very good about it and said that the staff were very naughty, so today when I dropped her off I was welcomed really well and told about what the procedures are for nappy changing bags, where they re left, bottles and so on. I explained very matter of factly that no one had ever explained any of this to me. Geez........ I am so stressed out but will try to relax now.

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