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Pre-school areas

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MacG · 20/05/2010 00:31

I have 2 year old who I would like to enrol at a pre-school/nursery to start at 2.5 years. The 3 local options are really not where I would like him to go (not a nice area). Is there a chance I could get him into another borough's pre-school or are you stuck with one of the nearest?

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LIZS · 20/05/2010 07:27

Think you're free to go wherever especially if not part of a state school, but presumably you'll have same issue for school when catchment/proximity will definitely be a factor unless you plan to put him in a private school(name needs to be down now). However you are cutting it pretty fine for an Autumn start at preschool, the "better" ones may already be booked up.

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