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Nurseries in Twickenham / Teddington

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roafie · 20/04/2010 11:29

My first day on Mumsnet! Expecting first baby this Friday and just starting to think about waiting lists for nurseries in the area. I have already booked to see the 2 local Asquith nurseries but can anyone particularly recommend a good one - there seem so many I don't know where to start!

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gegs73 · 20/04/2010 12:03

We live in west Twickenham and I've heard Tic Tocs are good on the Staines Road. I know Asquith next to Trafalgar School has had lots of problems over the last few years so would personally give that one a miss, but do know people who have sent their children there and have said its fine.

roafie · 20/04/2010 17:10

Thanks very much for this - v helpful!

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