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are the fees correct?

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andacoupleoftralalas · 20/04/2010 08:17

My DS was moved from his room to one of older children, which was fine as he is quite mobile. But we still pay the same fees as his real age. I know he is not actually older, but he is in a room with more children that his actual age would why not pay less?

To be more clear, the nursery charges more for under 2 years of age, and he is with the over 2s when still quite a few months younger. His fees remain as under 2.

Isn't that a bit cheeky?

OP posts:
LadyBiscuit · 20/04/2010 08:24

The higher fees are to do with increased staff/children ratios. If your child is still getting the right level of attention, then I think it's fine. It's 1:3 for under twos and 1:4 for 2YOs

DorotheaPlenticlew · 20/04/2010 08:27

Actually that sounds OK to me. At least, our nursery has the same system, and I wouldn't have expected them to drop DS's fees if he moved early. It is still possible your DS is a little more "work" than an older child; and maybe the numbers/ratios are still affected by his presence, even though he's in a different room. At the very least, I would be really sure of the situation before complaining.

Mind you, this is coming from a position of great trust in our nursery which we love a lot -- it depends a bit on context and other factors I guess.

IIRC, we had the opposite: DS moved rooms a little late, because there was a slight backup in older kids moving up as well, creating a traffic jam effect for a month or two. By your reasoning we would have been charged the higher (younger child) fees until he actually moved rooms; but I don't think we were. It seems reasonable for them to make the change based consistently on child's age rather than room placement.

andacoupleoftralalas · 20/04/2010 08:46

Thank you Dorothea, I guess I found it a bit worrying because I think this way they have more children for less money and didn't know if this happens in other nurseries or just ours. Appreciate the input!

OP posts:
Missus84 · 20/04/2010 16:29

Your DS still has to get the same ratio for his age, regardless of the room he's in. You might want to check that they have enough staff in the room for him.

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