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New nursery

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LouLouT31 · 30/03/2010 08:52

Hi, this is my first ever message so bear with me and hello to you all!!

My DD was 2 on Saturday and starts a new nursery closer to where we live after Easter. I took her for a 'taster session' for an hour yesterday and have a couple of questions. It all seems quite different to her current nursey. They have a larger age range but much more variety of things to do. However within the first half hour Emily had managed to throw pencils everywhere, get soaked turning the wash basin tap on and trying to wash her hands by herself, then made a bit of a mess with the jug of water that is left out so they can help themselves to water. I'm not sure if they were leaving her to her own devices as I was there to watch her too. She isn't a naughty child she was just being curious. I'm assuming that after a few days of starting properly she'll 'learn the ropes'. Any advice?
Lou xx

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Lindy · 30/03/2010 08:57

Sounds pretty normal to me - children are encouraged to 'do their own thing' ie: free play, rather than sitting down to do the same activities all together. Ofsted guidelines actively encourage this and having water to help themselves to is highly recommended (yes, even for two year olds).

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