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Nurseries or nannies in Primrose Hill, NW1

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reddoor · 14/03/2010 17:32

Hi, we just moved to Primrose Hill and are looking for a nursery or nanny for my baby daughter who is 4 months old. Would anyone be able to recommend any nurseries or nannies that can care for a 4 month old?

I checked Ofsted and there are many nurseries around but most have a minimum age of 2 years old. Auden Place is the only one that cares for children under 2 years old, but their minimum age is 6 months.

Any recommendations, tips or advice would be very helpful. Thank you so much!!!

OP posts:
Gill2010 · 14/03/2010 21:41

I am not sure if this is what you would be looking for but I am currently on maternity leave after having my daughter in December. My current boss has offered me to go back to care for their twins with my daughter but feel the hours may be too long so I am looking for something with shorter hours. I have been a nanny for over 13 years and have cared for many ages.
If this would be of any interest I would love to hear from you.
Gillian 07919201077

Mushki · 01/04/2010 18:05

Hi there, I live in Primrose Hill and am looking for a nanny for my 18 month old son for one day a week. Would that work for you?

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