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Gift for key-worker?

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SayHitIsntSo · 14/03/2010 08:23

DS goes to nursery.
Has just been transferred from baby room to toddler room (has been in baby room for more than 6months).
There are three girls in the baby room (his key worker, the room supervisor and another lady) who took special care of him- always cuddled him, were great with him, he absolutely adores them.

As I am a foreigner and find British manners kind of hard to figure out -
Is it acceptable to get them a little gift as a token of our appreciation?
And if so- what kind of gift would be considered reasonable?
I thought maybe some nice stuff from the body shop or boots..not too flashy...


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SayHitIsntSo · 14/03/2010 09:38


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purepurple · 14/03/2010 09:42

A little gift is always appreciated by us nursery workers.
What you have suggested is fine. Just make sure that you include everyone in the room, including any part timers.We always keep the thank you cards up on the wall for ages. it keeps us going through bad days, knowing that we are appreciated.

SayHitIsntSo · 14/03/2010 09:50

Thnx purplepurple

I thought maybe something in the lines of a muffin/cupcake basket to everyone in the room, and an extra little something for the three above mentioned ladies. does that sound OK?

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purepurple · 14/03/2010 14:24

sounds lovely

MyMamaToldMe · 15/03/2010 16:00

Gosh - what a good idea. I feel to say that it didn't even occur to me! I gave pressies and cards at Xmas to the ladies in the baby room, but didn't even think about it when she moved up to the toddler room a few weeks ago! Is it too late now - what do you think purepurple?

purepurple · 15/03/2010 18:21

no, not too late, just say you've been waiting for payday
and it will be very warmly recieved, I'm sure

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