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Do half-day nursery schools exist?

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canuckmum2 · 08/03/2010 22:52

Do half-day nursery programmes exist in London for three-year olds? My daughter attends one here in Canada but we're moving to London this summer and I wanted to see if there's a similar option in London.

If they do exist, does anyone know of a morning or afternoon programme in Islington or Canary Wharf?

Thanks so much!

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thisisyesterday · 08/03/2010 22:58

yes, they do exist. in fact, i don't know any nurseries that don't offer half-day options!

afraid i don't know any in London though, sorry!

PavlovtheCat · 08/03/2010 22:58

if you mean do they do half days? then yes, some do, but i guess it depends on the nursery and their popularity/availability of the days you want, and whether am/pm (if they have the spaces, i mean).

My DD does 2.5 days, half day PM on one day, it is that day as that is the day that had a space, but it could easily have been another day, if a child pulled out of that am/pm instead and left it free. Does that make sense?

Can't help on the actual places in London though, sorry.

snickersnack · 08/03/2010 23:17

Yes, lots in SW London. Can't help with those areas though. ds does 3 half days, and from Sept will do 5 half days.

canuckmum2 · 08/03/2010 23:21


Snickersnack - can you tell me the names of a few in SW London? We haven't confirmed where we'd be living and I'm sure this will swing the vote.

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