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Thames Ditton Nurseries

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newtoukmum · 02/03/2010 18:01

Hello there!! I just moved to the UK from India a few months ago and we're moving to Thames Ditton in April.

I'm looking for advice on nurseries in TD though I have done my Ofsted homework! In specific want to know more about Long Ditton Montessori and Rosalita Edwards Montessori since I am quite keen my 2.5 year old attends a montessori school.

Ofcourse any other tips on what's on in Thames Ditton for mums and toddlers is VERY welcome )

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luggalump · 03/03/2010 00:43

Have a look at the nursery at Our Lady's RC Church.

St Paul's RC Primary next door is excellent and certainly one to look at getting into later on. You'll hear lots about it.

newtoukmum · 03/03/2010 12:26

Hi thanks for the suggestion. I did try calling them but unfortunately have not had anyone answer the last few days. Will keep trying!

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Olimum · 13/03/2010 19:00


I am in Thames Ditton - we have two girls aged 4 and 14 months. Very happy to meet at a local playgroup when you get here. We just moved to the area a few months ago so I know what it's like trying to meet new people and settle in !

I work part time (I am a solicitor) on Mondays and Tesdays but we are around the other days.

Best wishes

newtoukmum · 15/03/2010 13:40

Hi Olimum

Thanks for the message. Will definitely get in touch once we move in April.

One question: you must have done the research on nurseries, what did you find? Most are full up so was wondering if you'd heard of Rosalita Edwards Montessori since they might have place in Sep 2010.

Many thanks and look forward to meeting soon.

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Olimum · 24/03/2010 17:21


Great will speak in April then.

In terms of research I was a bit limited as I wanted to be able to take them on foot to save time and hassle, plus I needed somewhere that would take them both (pre schooler and a baby). I looked into Esher Day and Leapfrog because they satisfied those requirements for me.

I have heard good things about Rosalita edwards but its a drive away albeit close.

Happy to talk more about Esher Day - I am feeling far happier with them now, and think taht they are actually very caring with my daughters. I like the fact that its a small place for my baby so she is not too overwhelmed.

See you soon

Spencer08 · 25/03/2010 09:48

My older daughter is at Rosalita's and has been for 18 months now. She is very happy there. Rosalita is rather eccentric! I've also met lots of friends through it and would recommend it, it's very flexible with times/sessions which is great but you do pay for it. If you are not working there are plenty of pre-schools in the area which are pretty much free with the early years grant (from 3 years), but they can only attend 3 hrs a day. Let me know if you need any more info and good luck with the move!

newtoukmum · 30/03/2010 15:42

Hi Spencer08

Thanks so much for your message.I am not working right now so am considering Long Ditton Montessori Childrens House (they're able to offer my son a place 3 days a week starting April). My only worry is it seems a bit far to walk and I have no idea of bus routes yet! Stepping Stones has also said they might have place for him from Sep'10, again in Long Ditton.

Info on any other fun things to do with toddlers in the area are welcome!

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