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Ofsted - how long from inspection to report?

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Montifer · 12/02/2010 22:53

DS's nursery had an Ofsted inspection a couple of weeks ago and I'm dying to read the report. Am happy with his care, just nosey interested to see how they fared according to the 'inspectors'.
How long does it take for the report to be made available.
Is it usual / possible for parents to request a copy from nursery or do we have to find it on the Ofsted website?

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TiggyD · 12/02/2010 23:04

In the past at my nurseries it's taken from a week to a couple of weeks. I suppose you get fast ofsted report writers and slow ofsted report writers.

All nurseries have to make the report available to parents. How eager they are to show people will depend on the grade they get.

Montifer · 12/02/2010 23:10

Thanks TiggyD, do you know the easiest way to find it on the Ofsted site, is it with the nurseries EY number or just searching by name?

Might have a sneaky peek before I enquire at nursery

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TiggyD · 13/02/2010 11:07

the nurseries EY number. I have found the ofsted site tricky to use in the past.

Montifer · 13/02/2010 12:23

Inspection was a week ago and the report was posted yesterday, am impressed.

Nursery was assessed as good overall with a few outstanding areas, nothing less than good.

I'm surprised there was no comment about food which I think is one of their weakest areas.

They recently increased the baby room places from 6 to 9 and I feel that the care is sometimes a little impersonal. I have been unimpressed on occasion with the lack of reassurance given to babies who are obviously upset. Interestingly the last line of the report read "However, there are a few babies and one or twoalmost two year olds who are less well engaged on the day of inspection and are 
sometimes wandering between rooms without finding sufficient support or 
I wonder if other parents, like myself, will be thinking that was their child
Having said that, DS does seem happy there and his key worker seems genuinely interested in his development.
I admit I still find it difficult not to know what DS has done all day whilst at nursery (he's there 2 days a week) even though the communication with staff gives you a snapshot. The thought of him being underoccupied or sad and not being comforted, however rarely it happens isn't nice

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atworknotworking · 13/02/2010 15:52

That was a quick report, very impressed. Does your ds not get a daily report of what he's been doing? It tends to be common and good practice for nurseries to do a day book that can be passed between parents / carers so that you can share info.

Montifer · 13/02/2010 19:59

Yes he does have a book in which they usually document food, drinks, sleeping, nappy changes etc. We usually have a chat about what he's done during the day, but obviously they can't communicate all the little things that you enjoy when you are with them all day.

He does gabble away on the way home but not being able to speak yet the finer details of his daily reports are a bit limited

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Montifer · 13/02/2010 21:39

Actually just looked at date of inspection and it was 22nd Jan not last week, it felt like last week

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