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Not too sure after viewing nursery

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Irons · 11/01/2010 20:49

I went to view a nursery school for my dd who is almost 7 months. They were very good apart from two things.

I asked about outdoor play areas and not only did she not bother to show me the outdoor play area. Firstly she didn't take me to show me the outdoor play area and then secondly she said "we don't go out every day because it is a hassle getting the children dressed up and outside". They've got all day! Surely they could structure 1 hr of each day to get coated-up and outside even if for 10-20 minutes of fresh air (obviously not on freezing cold days)

The second thing was that there didn't seem to be any priority for sleep. They had a sleep room, but when she gave me the run down of a typical day it involved eating and playing. The sleeping part was down to your baby's own habits. Anyway, my worry is that not enough emphasis will be put on making sure my dd has her naps.

Am I just being silly or is this how all nurseries operate?

OP posts:
Irons · 11/01/2010 20:50

Apologies for the repetition in the second paragraph.

OP posts:
Doozle · 11/01/2010 20:53

The not going out would bother me and specifically because she said it was a hassle. That doesn't sound good at all.

The sleep thing would worry me less, sounds like they allow babies to nap when they want to rather than make them fit into a rigid schedule. That's a good thing imo.

SecretSlattern · 11/01/2010 20:58

The outdoor thing would concern me slightly because it is a legal requirement that children are taken outside every day (even in freezing weather!). It is quite an unprofessional attitude to tell a prospective parent that they can't be bothered with the hassle of coating up the children.

As for the sleep thing, well, it does tend to be down to the child's needs (another legal requirement I think - brain gone to mush) so if your DD wants to sleep they should accomodate her and if not, then not basically although they should take heed of your requests re sleep time.

You're not being silly for worrying. I personally would not consider this nursery on the basis of the hassle comments. To my mind if coating up a few children is so much of a hassle, what else is likely to be too much trouble for them? The sleep thing IME is par for the course though. I have worked in a few nurseries in my career and known this to be the case in most of them.

I am currently writing my dissertation on the importance of outdoor play so am slightly biased in favour of it (even in the snow and ice).

MmeLindt · 11/01/2010 21:02

I would not send my DC there.

That putting coats on the DC is seen is a hassle (and that they admit that to a prospective parent) is just not acceptable.

The sleep schedule is something that could be negotiated perhaps if you want your DD to have a nap at certain times but outside play is for me essential part of the day.

They are being paid to be hassled.

babyOcho · 11/01/2010 21:04

I would question the outdoor play.

At DD's nursery they ask you to make sure that your child had appropriate clothing as they always go outside, unless it's raining (or snowing). The babies and toddlers are upstairs and yes it's a load of hassle, but they still take them out.

ruddynorah · 11/01/2010 21:06

personally i wouldn't be bothered if they weren't taking my 7 month old out every day. i'd want them out though once they were walking, so around one year old.

FiveGoMadInDorset · 11/01/2010 21:09

I would question the outdoor play, my 2 go out every day twice a day unless it is really crappy weather.

navyeyelasH · 11/01/2010 21:12

If putting a coat on a child is "hassle" imagine how much "hassle" a pooey nappy is, or a biting child, or an upset child etc.

A coat on a child is probably the least hassle!

Personally, having worked as a nanny, nursery nurse and now a childminder I would out an under 2 either with a nanny or with a childminder.

Obviusly you do get really good nurseries and really bad nannies/childminder but talking averages IME a nanny/childminder will be better if you can.

What made you pick this nursery?

pepperrabbit · 11/01/2010 21:16

Go with your gut feeling and look at a few more would be my advice.

atworknotworking · 12/01/2010 19:05

Think i would run a mile from this place.

Children have to have free-flow meaning outside and inside time, children should really be able to do as much outside as in.

As for the hassle comment I agree with navy if putting a coat on is hassle I would expect a very poor standard of care from the staff.

Have you had a look at the ofsted report?

CaptainUnderpants · 12/01/2010 19:16

Outdoor play - I would be concerned about it being a 'hassle' - thats what you do when you work with very young children ! She is not even attempting to put a positive spin on it - that even though it is time consuming the children have an oppotunity to develope their social /personal needs by being able to dress / undress .

Slepp issue - wouldn't be that concerned about it as long as they are following the parents wishes about sleep/naps routines .

Outdoor play is very important even in weather like this - we had our children out today they loved it , although a couple of parents didn't want their precious little ones outside . We are talking 3 & 4yrs olds not new borns BTW

Irons · 12/01/2010 20:17

Thank you so much for all your replies. You gave me the push to go and view another nursery in our area and boy was I blown away. I've definately made up my mind that the first nursery I viewed is out the window!

navyeyelasH to answer your question: I chose a nursery because I suppose it's all I know. Myself and my brother went to nursery as children. My mom once tried a childminder with my brother (this would have been about 21 years ago) and that was a disaster when she found out the women was drinking on the job! Perhaps if I knew or met a childminder or was referred to one by someone I know, I might consider it, but I don't know any, so as I said, nursery is the only thing I know.

Thanks again everyone, all your views are appreciated.

OP posts:
navyeyelasH · 12/01/2010 21:17

Hi irons, I just thought that maybe someone had recommended you this nursery that is why I asked. If it didn't come with a recommendation I would look around.

Putting your child in any sort of childcare is a risk sadly and some people believe a nursery is less of a risk as there are more staff members to "keep an eye on things". Everyone is different so just go with an option that you feel comfortable with.

Hope you get something amazing sorted, good childcare really does make a difference!

pregnantpeppa · 12/01/2010 21:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pregnantpeppa · 12/01/2010 21:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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