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Nurseries in Putney

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mmrmum · 07/01/2010 18:30


I am trying to find a nursery in Putney at a "reasonable" price. All I was able to find at the moment is no less than £1300pm. Am I missing something? Does anyone know a nursery for a little bit less than that?


OP posts:
EvieBear · 11/01/2010 11:12

Yes good point!

I am amazed at this too, it is very pricey...........

mmrmum · 12/01/2010 14:01

Please can anyone help? Any advise would be appreciated... EvieBear, have you done any research yet?most of my colleagues at work pay between £800-1000 a month... Why I am not able to find something similar in Putney?

OP posts:
staranise · 25/01/2010 15:26

Putney is very expensive for nurseries, and will only get worse since riverside closed down and there's extra pressure on places - the cheaper nurseries include Poppits at the leisure centre (£55 for a short day ie, 9-3.30) or Riverbank at the Eileen Centre is very cheap as it's heavily subsidised - full time (9-3) is £100 a week but they offer no flexibility on hours. There's an Asquith on Norroy road and I think they are cheaper or else there is also a Surestart nursery/creche on Roehampton Lane. TBH, a nanny is often more economical, particularly if you have more than one child.

weddingcake · 01/02/2010 21:49

There is a new nursery called Puddle Ducks opening in the old riverside premises but I don't know anything about it yet and can't seem to find fees on their website.

theo24 · 02/02/2010 09:27


My son goes to Asquith on Norry road,it is a quit expensive and thinking of changing very soon.

It is a good nursery but as you said, I think it is the cheapest in Putney so far.

There's also poppits in the leisure center, have been there?

hope this helps.

2010aQuintessentialOdyssey · 02/02/2010 09:42

I have had two children in Asquith on Norroy Road. The nursery went from good to bad during "my years" there. They went from caring, loving and enthusiastic to "i couldnt care less" within a year. Frequent turnover in staff, moving staff between rooms, constantly reorganizing, etc.

Asquith then adopted this philosophy that the child shall decide if he wants to tidy up, come to eat, etc. You cant decide that the child shall come sit down and eat, and you shall not serve up the child, the child shall do that himself. So, many a time my son did not have lunch, because nobody told him to stop playing and come and sit down, so he didnt. He was 2/3 fgs! I realized something was wrong one day when I called him to come have dinner, and he said "No, I dont have to come if I dont want to". Equally tidy up toys, or coming to bed.... "mum, nursery says I dont have to if I am busy doing something"

My son had for this reason enormous problems when he started school. He thought he could CHOOSE whether to come and sit on the carpet and listen, etc, or that he could choose whether he wanted to go to the library and get a book, etc. Because this is what he had learnt at Asquith.

I moved my youngest when he started crying at the mere sight of Norroy road. The staff in the toddler room (1 year plus) were horrid. They never smiled at him, never greeted him in the morning, never picked him up. Always when I came to get him, there were children crying, with big blobs of snot hanging down their faces, the staff were standing bored in the corner. I brought it up with the nursery on many occasions, and they listenend, and said "right, we have to do something about that", but they never did.

Oh, and a member of staff hit my son on the head with a wooden train garage to show him that "hitting is bad". I got Ofsted involved on that one. My son had a bump on his head. Another member of staff had thrown his toy car out on the train tracks to show him that you dont throw toys....

They are unreal!

Hopefully they are better now. But when my kids were there, they must have been doing a social experiement on kids "how to raise thugs", I'd say.

theo24 · 02/02/2010 10:54

@2010aQuintessentialOdysse... reallllyyyy im shocked by what you said!?lol un real!?cannot believe it!my son goes there, i must say sometimes i am not happy with the way they deal with the kids. it s true some of them does have snot hanging out of their nose. but to hit the child on the head!?thats strange! how long ago were your kids there?

2010aQuintessentialOdyssey · 02/02/2010 11:37

My oldest was there from 2003 until he started school in 2007. My youngest was there from 2006 until 2008 when I moved him to a montessory nursery in Mortlake. He was so happy at the new nursery!

sparklechook · 13/03/2010 19:40

I am moving from Fulham to Putney in May and I agree, so so difficult to get a nursery place. I have one secured in Fulham but would prefer one closer to our new home so went to visit Puddleducks last week. Was quite surprised that it had opened already, as it had a definite unfinished feel about it. Wasnt the beautiful Victorian villa described on the website though ok. The staff was friendly and all taking care of the 1 toddler that was there. Apparently lots more children are expected and I hope they finish the other rooms and the outside area before they arrive! I am looking to place my baby in nursery in May when he will be 10 months and am not sure that it will be at Puddleducks as wasnt completely confident when unable to see the nursery in 'proper action'. There were no children in the baby room as yet, cots were not made up yet, no pictures on walls or toys about. Also, the introduction I was given was very fragmented, no details of how the childrens' day will be organised etc. Will give it some time to get started and visit again later before I make up my mind. Regarding the FEES at Puddleducks: for children aged 3 months to 2 years it is £75 per day (not including nappies & wipes but does include meals) so £ 1495 pcm. For children aged 2 - 5 years it is £70 per day, £1386.66 pcm. So not the cheapest, and as I mentioned it does not look that great at the moment to qualify for those prices!!!

MillaMay · 27/03/2010 20:13

Does anyone send their child to Noddy's Nursery off West Hill, Putney? If so, could you let me know your thoughts? Many thanks,

sweetiepops · 31/03/2010 10:26

hi Sparklechook

puddle-ducks nursery is listening to concerns like yours and I'm pleased to say that it is now offering baby milk and nappies as part of the fee package.

there will be a parents forum to engage with management and help shape the service.

the nursery has undergone a major refit and it might be worth your while taking a look again. 20 children have now signed up since the opening on 8 March.

Minimeee · 31/03/2010 20:26

mmrmum - We just moved from Putney, the prices there are astronimical... Are you willing to consider Roehampton? There's a nursery at the Sure Start centre on Roehampton Lane - Eastwood, I think - and I have a couple of friends who are happy with it

milla - we were happy with noddy's most of the time.

Good luck

Minimeee · 31/03/2010 20:27

Sorry milla just re-read your post, were at the other noddy's not the west hill one

MillaMay · 01/04/2010 14:29

ok thanks minimeee

sparklechook · 03/04/2010 15:22

Hi Milla, I looked into the Noddy's on West Hill too, and was really impressed by the show around & staff. Has got a really good reputation and lots of mums I know are very pleased with it. There is just a very long waiting list like everywhere in Putney unfortunately...

Sweetiepops, thanks for the further info on Puddleducks, will definitely take another look once it as been going a while, these things always take time to shape up. Nice to hear parents will be actively encouraged to engage in the nursery management.

In the meantime I will be starting our baby son at The Little Tugboat nursery in Fulham, bit of a longer commute but they have fabulous reputation and are actually cheaper than the Putney nurseries. Feel a little bit less stressed now that is organised as it is such a big next step for both baby & mum! :-)

Scarfmaker · 04/04/2010 00:14

Anyone thought of using a childminder!

nat35 · 08/04/2010 14:04

I am looking for a nursery and was wantdering about little tugboat can you tell me a bit more

sparklechook · 08/04/2010 17:46

Hi nat35
Sure, Little Tugboat is a family run nursery in a beautiful house off the Fulham Palace road, just off from Bishops Park too.
It is small, with just 35 children over 3 'age group' rooms and even a nursery dog! You need to get on their waiting list as demand is extremely high and it is quite difficult apparently to get part time places. You only get to visit the nursery once you have been offered a place but it is well worth paying the £20 waiting list fee and keeping all your fingers and toes crossed. The 2 sisters who have run it for many many years are some of the most professional and friendly I have met. The introduction and show around we got was great, I immediately felt confidence in them, their staff and the nursery experience. The children looked extremely happy in both organised activities and in having their own 'free time'. You also get a great record each day of what your child has been up to as well as a personal catch up with the staff. There is an in house chef as well and a gorgeous garden for the children to play in. Fees wise I do not find it to be any more expensive than most other nurseries in Putney and Fulham and well worth it.
You can actually get a good feel for the nursery from their website:
Let me know what you think! :-)

nat35 · 10/04/2010 10:29

I will call them on Monday to get on the waiting list.
I went to visit Active learning ( my lo went there for a short period 1.5 yrs ago) by I was not as impressed as I originaly was and little tugboat is closer to us.

sparklechook · 10/04/2010 16:29

Yes, good idea to get on the waiting list quickly as I know that they have openings coming up for August & July as children are moving up groups as others start school...
Good luck! :-)

nat35 · 10/04/2010 20:28

As I am looking for a place from September, fingers crossed

Kotek · 12/04/2010 20:35

how about the various Busy Bees nurseries in Putney? have heard they are good.

tvfriend · 14/04/2010 15:53

Busy Bees are nursery schools so can only go from 2 and a half.
My DD was at Poppits (just left) and was very happy with it. DS goes in Sept hopefully

littleduck · 15/04/2010 18:37

The Busy Bees in Wandsworth takes babies from 3 months - we were considering sending DD there - so possibly others nearby might? Not cheap but looked good - just found somewhere we liked better which was nearer to home

tvfriend · 16/04/2010 15:04

I think the ones in Putney (there are 2) are separate from the Busy Bees Group that includes the wandsworth one. They definately don't take babies.

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