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Experience of nurseries dealing with food intolerances?

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FollowingYonderSTAR · 07/01/2010 14:17

Really not sure where to post this - under allergies, nurseries, or AIBU.

So, have been in discussion with a new nursery very near us since they opened their doors in May last year. Put the children down for a place in September (DD 9mo, DS 3.4). They start next Monday. At every time I've spoken to them, I have asked whether they can cater for food intolerances - both children are dairy and egg intolerant. At every point they have said, yes, fine. So, why do I find myself the week before they start needing to talk to the dietitian/nutritionist of the catering company and having to provide food for their first week? AIBU, or does anyone have experience of children with food intolerances attending nursery and how have they catered for your children? The other two nurseries we spoke too both said it was fine and one has a coloured tablemat approach to ensure it is managed properly. Is this nursery really naive, or am I expecting too much.

Never mind that they closed yesterday and not opening again before Monday at the earliest due to snow, so apart from the 1.5 hour session we had on Tues when I was there with the children, they are not getting any settling in.

I know I'm very nervous about it and that's probably contributing to my state of mind, but I am angry that they have contributed to my stress the week before going back to work by just simply ignoring this issue!

Please let me know your experiences...

OP posts:
atworknotworking · 07/01/2010 18:10

I think the problem really is the outside catering company, most nurseries I know or have associations with have an in house cook and have lists of childrens individual dietry requirements and they are met straight away. I think with catering companies a notice period has to be given 1-2wks for change in orders. However I do feel that if you have booked so far in advance your DC's needs should have been met well in advance by the nursery.

purepurple · 09/01/2010 08:55

We have a system in our nursery where we put up a photo of a child on the wall with details of the allergy/intolerance. Copies also go up in the kitchen.

Allergies/intolerances are easy to cater for if the food is prepared on the premises.
Where outside companies are involved, it may be more difficult to monitor ingredients.

Hopefully, it will get easier.

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