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Is this a usual thing to expect?

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Christmastrees · 07/12/2009 20:30

Today when I collected my 10mo DS from nursery, he was sat on the knee of a nursery nurse looking a bit red-faced and upset, with his old blankey from his box (obviously they had been trying to comfort him, he doesn't usually have his blankey) nursery nurse says hes been fine all day though.

I picked him up and he starts coughing a little bit. He's had a bit of a cough recently so I thought it was just that, however, he goes red in the fac, eyes streaming. I said "It looks like he's choking on something!" and sat him down to pat his back hard. He coughs up a smallish iece of coloured foil and was sick at the same time.

Is it normal for babies to do things like that at nursery or should I be more worried/expect them to keep a closer eye on what he grabs/puts in his mouth? I can't work out if it's commonplace or not and if it can be avoided etc. He'd not just swallowed it that second either as I'd been with him nor was there any tinsel/foil around him.

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MrsWillis · 08/12/2009 20:12

I am a nursery nurse and my DS used to come to work with me and he was forever trying to put things in his mouth that he wasn't supposed to that the older children were playing with. However I was watching him and could always manage to stop him in time.

There was one time when he managed to eat a piece of fuzzy felt though and was exactly the same as your DS, coughing and then sick with the piece in there.

It would be impossible for them to watch them at all times however they should make sure there is nothing around that could be a choking hazard. Maybe you could just say that you were really shook up about it and could they please make sure the floor was swept regularly and all small pieces were thrown away.

I hope your DS is ok now.

Christmastrees · 08/12/2009 20:57

Thanks for your post MrsWillis. It turns out it was a piece of thick tinsel so they have taken the action of removing tinsel from the room and have instructed staff to be vigilant and look out for any rogue bits. DS is fine today, happy and laughing at nursery so no lasting problems .

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