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January intakes?? DD can start jan instead of sept.

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SugarSpike · 12/11/2009 13:21

I got an unexpected phone call this morning from the school in which my elder son is in offering my youngest to start nursery in January, as far as I was aware they had stopped the jan intakes and she wouldnt be starting till sept next year. Ive just started her at a playgroup and was planning to keep her there till next sept with gov funding, she was 3 in sept.
Its such short notice, she'll be going to the school nursery anyway but this way she be younger 3yrs 4months instead of 4 and she'll get two extra terms meaning she'll be in there for over a year.
Im just wondering what people think of the january intakes and why they stopped them, the lady on the phone said they have stopped them but have places avaliable to fill. She will start with kids who have been there since sept and then they will all disappear next sept and she'll have to make friends all over again when the next lot come in..if you know what i mean. Its also afternoon and my DS did mornings which worked well, im not sure about afternoons, though I dont think I get much choice in that whether she starts jan or sept

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