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Settling in v difficult - seems to be getting worse rather than better?

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weebump · 13/10/2009 23:57

Mt little girl is 22 months old and is going to nursery 2 full days a week since September. The first day there she loved it. I was planning on staying for an hour or so but she didn't seem to need it, and barely noticed when I popped out for an hour and left her to it. The next day she stayed longer, and again seemed to enjoy it. I thought I was the luckiest mum, it was so easy.

But ever since then she's cried when we arrive into her room, and when I pick her up she's crying too. Over the last few weeks the crying seems to be more and more frequent throughout the day, not just when I'm there. I get the impression that she spends most of the day totally miserable I put it down to perhaps coming down with a cold which we all had, but this morning she was in great humour until we started walking to nursery, and then seems to have been crying since I dropped her off. She was in bits when we got home, tired and sad. It's so awful to see her like this as she's usually so bubbly and full of good humour.

My question is, is it normal for 'settling in' to get worse? Does it usually take months? Could it really be a miserable place? Please tell me it gets better, I'm so gutted for my little girl.

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JoeyBettany · 14/10/2009 19:55

How about trying a childminder? I've worked in many nurseries and it breaks my heart to see little toddlers crying all day. Nursery environments can be very noisy, busy places for little people and sometimes, the more homely environment that a childminder can offer would be preferable.

(I'm not a child minder btw!)

Chalkers · 15/10/2009 11:51

My DS, 22 months, goes to his childminder every day (who is also his auntie). Up until last week he was perfectly happy but in the last week he has sobbed when my DH drops him off. When I speak to the childminder in the day, I can hear him crying "mummy" in the background. It's breaking my heart and I don't know what to do. He's perfectly happy when he's at home with us. When I tell him what's going to happen in the day "mummy's going to work, daddy's dropping you off but he'll come and get you for tea", he just shakes his head and says "no, no, no". Is it a phase? His cousin who he used to spend the day with recently started school so she's not there during the day. Could this be the problem??

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