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Limehouse Arches Day Nursery

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row78 · 08/10/2009 13:19

I've been let down at short notice by the nursery near where I live, so I'm looking at some nurseries near where I work.

Has anyone used this one? Would really appreciate any comments you have about this nursery.


OP posts:
S6GRL · 28/06/2010 22:49

Bump! I'm also looking at this nursery - does anyone have any comments about it? I'm trying to decide between this one and Little Unicorns, so any comments anyone has will be much appreciated! Thanks!

Skimummy · 29/06/2010 13:56

I haven't looked at Limehouse Arches, mainly because of its location i.e. under the DLR tracks. I don't know of anyone who sends their child there either so no help there, sorry.

However, my DD goes to Little Unicorn and I am very happy with it and would not hesitate to recommend. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

S6GRL · 01/07/2010 01:00

Thanks Skimummy. Basically, I was all set to send my little one to Little Unicorns (registered my interest a year ago), but an old work colleague has mentioned that she sends her child to Limehouse Arches and it's considerably cheaper. Could you let me know what you like about Little Unicorns so that I can see what makes it worth the extra money? Do they take the children on trips and extras like that?

Many thanks!

Skimummy · 01/07/2010 09:02

Well, first of all it is very close to work so very convenient! The food is excellent (very important for me), the activities are varied (and there is a good mix between free play and more structured activities like painting, music etc), they go for walks every see boats, to the park etc. Re. trips, DD has been on an excursion to the Aquarium.

I don't know how it compares to other nurseries like Limehouse Arches but DD is very happy at Little Unicorns and seems genuinely fond of her little friends. She settled in really well and waves me goodbye with a big smile every morning...I can't ask for more than that!

It is expensive but the standard of care is high and turnover of staff is low.

Have you been to Limehouse Arches? I am actually curious about what it is like!

S6GRL · 02/07/2010 01:34


Well, I went to see both nurseries today and I've decided to go with Little Unicorns.

The Limehouse Arches one seemed good, very large with lots and lots of activities like messy play, the staff were nice and friendly and the children seemed really happy. It definitely felt it was more in the East End than Little Unicorns, just from the surrounding neighbourhood. One strange thing though was that as far as I understood there was no discount for having a child there 4 days a week rather than 5, which meant that the cost difference between there and Little Unicorns was much less than I'd anticipated.

I really liked Little Unicorns, and the fact it's so close to work made it a no brainer for me, I love the idea of being able to come and see my little one at lunchtimes. It felt smaller than the Limehouse one but I think it's more set up for small babies. Thanks for your comments Skimummy, my visit definitely matched up to them (they even talked about the trip to the aquarium!) - glad to know you're happy with the nursery.

Skimummy · 03/07/2010 10:53

Good to hear - which Little Unicorn branch are you going to? I think Limehouse Arches has just been refurbished but I just always thought it was odd being under the DLR tracks! Very strange that there is no discount for going less days.

S6GRL · 03/07/2010 23:04

Have signed up with the Bank Street branch as it's closest to work.

Yes Limehouse Arches has just been refurbished and they seem to have done a really good job as it's large and makes good use of the space to let lots of light in.

The discount thing worked out by having a monthly amount for full time places, but a daily amount for anything less, so if you were 4 days you'd pay 4 x the daily rate which worked out equivalent to the full time amount over a month (and you'd be free to put the baby into the nursery 5 days some weeks if you wanted to). If you were 3 days then you'd pay 3 x the daily rate and then there would be a reduction. I agree it seems strange but it was explained to me and sort of makes sense in the calculations, if not in principle!

myfirstlove · 16/08/2010 10:54

Hi my daughter attends Limehouse Arches and has done so for the last 2 years. She loves it there! She gets upset when i pick her up! The nursery is lovely, it has recently been refurbished and it is so much bigger now and all the children enjoy the extra space running around. The nursery has a dance teacher and also a sports coach that both come in once a week and my daughter loves showing off what shes learnt during the day! The staff are lovely and always tell me what my daughter has got up to during the day. The manager is more then happy to help and will always sit down and talk to anyone if they have any questions, she even helped me and explained tax credits and any discounts that i was eligible for which helped me alot being a single parent. I understand what S6GRL means by the price being the same for a child doing 4 days or doing 5 days but when i was looking for childcare around Canary Wharf Limehouse Arches was the cheapest and looked the best. Im glad with my choice and would always refer anyone there!

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