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DS1 age 2yrs - started nursery september still crying when drop him off

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Shell001 · 03/10/2009 21:13


My DS1 is just 2 years and i decided to put him into nursery before i return to work end of jan as on maternity leave with DS2 5.5 months.
DS1 is shy like me in some ways it takes him tiem to adjust where ever we go eg a friends etc but soon settles in and plays.

At nursery when i drop him off he gets so upset and the nusery say its anger that im leaving him they believe by the way he is crying. He clings to me before we even enter the gate and i have to pass him to one of the girls. They say he calms down and each morning he goes they say he has had a good morning ..

Just also when pick him up he gets upset to leave and sometimes have to take toy hat or ball home and crys at home for good 30 minutes clinging to me ...

Is he too young ? is he not ready ? is this normal ..

I feel so bad and fmaily say its good for him but he is so upset and it has effected routines at home ..

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