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Paying in holidays.

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boobie · 31/05/2005 20:24

My DD is in private Nursery and I only work during term time, is it common policy to charge for all hols? My DD is only going in for two days this week but I've been charged for four. I don't want to make a fuss as she has only just started but I won't be very impressed if I have to pay full time during summer hols. Any advice appreciated.

OP posts:
desperatehousewife · 31/05/2005 20:25

You will be expected to pay for all the days that she is booked in for. IE 4 days a week, even if you take her on holiday.

Bonkerz · 31/05/2005 20:28

Is the nursery really busy? It was policy at the nursery my son went to that we pay for all holidays too but i got round it by handing in my notice 4 weeks before the summer holidays. I then waited the 4 weeks notice and just before my son left for the summer i then used the deposit to book back in after the holiday!! Bit cheeky but nothing wrong with it. If this is too much hassle or the nursery is really busy you could always talk to the manager and arrange to pay half fee maybe.

boobie · 31/05/2005 20:30

She is booked in for full week/full time but I have six weeks off in Summer and wanted to send her for two days a week to keep her in touch. Does everyone pay full during their hols then?

OP posts:
jessicasmummy · 31/05/2005 20:32

i would say to nursery that you will be reducing her days to 2 - dont tell them its for the summer break, and then after sumemr, up her to 4 again. my SIL is a nursery manager and they have it happen all the time!

Whizzz · 31/05/2005 20:49

Our nursery charges for hols. They say its because you pay for the actual place rather than day to day time - if you see what I mean.

Gem13 · 31/05/2005 20:54

My childminder charges for the time we take off but not her holiday time.

It means we tend to go on holiday when she does, i.e. summer holidays. It's a bit of pain as it would be cheaper for us to go term time but it seems fair.

Not all childminders do this but it might be worth considering a childminder instead of a nursery if this is the case.

She's great too

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