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first 15 min at nursery not liked by dd

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voyagerfan · 10/08/2009 21:17

Took 9 mo dd to nursery for the first time. We did 15 mins while I sat elsewhere in the nursery. Really cried a lot and was EXHAUSTED afterwards.
Admittedly it wasn't the best time as shes often tired then but had to go for it then due to timings with 4 yr Ds.
She was really upset as was kind of expected as she's been pretty clingy for the last couple of months.

The worst thing is that had to sign nursery contract in May, but then had to resign my job in July due to not being able to make a satisfactory flexible working agreement.
So no job but 1 yr nursery contract.
Dh got into a situation where he only got 2 day PT short term job.
Do need some childcare help as I look for jobs but might be sitting around on own a lot being saddish...
Any cheery comments welcome

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gingernutlover · 11/08/2009 07:36

they should be able to change how many days are in your contract with 1 months notice - think that is standard so hopefully that will help you get the childcare you actually want

also 15 minutes with you in the building is not long enough for her to start getting used to it,. it will take time.

My dd is 4 next month and started nursery at 11 months, she is a very clingy child anyway and she still sometimes cries in the mornings, it took a good 4 months for her to realise that nursery was okay. I had no option but to leave her as I had to go to work.

She stops crying by the time i have got downstairs and is waving to me out of the window btw.

purepurple · 11/08/2009 07:43

I don't see why you need to pay for the nursery if you don't actually need it.
Ask the nursery about doing less days.
And as someone said 15 mins is not really long enough to settle in a baby.

noramum · 11/08/2009 14:35

We also started at 9 months. First day was 1 hr with me, second day as well (we stayed for lunch). Third day I left her for 15 min, fourth day for 30 min and fifth day for one hour.

It still took her 2 months to not starting to cry when I dropped her off. We only did 2 days in the beginning and I think she just forgot about them during the rest of the week.

voyagerfan · 11/08/2009 21:34

Little better today, left her for half an hour - she had fave food for snack and they said she was mainly OK except if anyone went in and out the door (which was the one I used obviously). She was crying when I left her and crying when I went back but they said had not cried in between and must have been true else she would have been in a terrible state when I picked her up.

Certainly intending to send her as little as I can after she's settled but worried about dropping days as will never be able to get them back again (nursery incredibly busy). Also as noramum said could be never settled if doesn't go very much.

Will prob'ly pull her out in Jan if have not found any job by then.

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