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Confused with lil ones behaviour

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cimeow · 03/08/2009 12:20

Confused with my child, my lil girl is 3 years old, seems quite bright and empathic. Talks non stop,?
corrects other children on their english, could count to 100 by time she was 1 1/2, can draw empathic picture portraits, bakes, plants seeds all by herself, always hungry for information etc etc.

She is having problems at nursery with other children, not sharing, arguing, sometimes fighting and crying.

Really at my wits end, feeling that I will take her out of nursery full stop...but she does seem such a bright child with so much ability?

Anybody had similar experiences

OP posts:
Scarfmaker · 03/08/2009 19:19

She probably gets frustrated that other less able and less articulate children are not on the same level as her!

Are the nursery giving her enough challenging activities, otherwise she will get bored and this can cause fighting and crying etc.

How long has she been at the nursery? She might just be getting used to things there.

I would give it a little while as a lot of three years old still cannot share, play nicely with other children and just like to interact with adults and be by themselves.

Hope all works out.

atworknotworking · 03/08/2009 20:47

It sounds like she may be a little frustrated, she really needs to be challenged, I have a couple of mindees that exceedingly bright aged 2 & 3, I give them experiences to develop what skills they have, for example the 2yo can do most of the phonic phases so now I challenge by asking to show me the actions for objects, or to spell out simple short words, we clap out syllables and talk about alliteration and ryhming, my 3yo mindee is very good with numbers so we do a lot of problem solving addition / subtraction simple fractions, and we talk about other mathematical terms like pi, angles etc, I'm not saying that they fully understand the concepts, but they love listening and it's a joy when we see them using the things they learn when playing, our 3 yo now points the rocket at an angle and guesses its trajectory before he launches it now.

You need to discuss with the nursery your individual childs needs, often this age group will begin by learning simple things like the alphabet, counting in rote, number / letter recognition etc, if your child is already competent in these areas she needs to move onto another stage, and the nursery staff will be able to support her more fully. I would imagine that the staff will be doing assessments already and noting where you dd is developmentaly and hopefully discussing ways that they can move forward.

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