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Grassroots nursery in Hampton - any experiences?

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CTgirl · 06/07/2009 22:21


We're thinking of sending our baby son to Grassroots in September when I return to work. He'll be 9 months old and it will be for 3 days a week.
I'd love to hear of anyone's experiences of this nursery.

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AnotherMuesliPleaseBarman · 07/07/2009 20:16

No experience of it but would be interested to hear if anyone else has. Hi CTgirl - I am Hampton based, by the way. Have you visited Grassroots yet?

CTgirl · 07/07/2009 22:44

Yes, we visited a while back (early May) and both liked what we saw. Its just nice to hear from parents who have first hand experience of a place. I wish nurseries would offer a service where you could get in touch with other parents before committing to a place!
Haven't looked at any other places as this nursery seems to tick all the right boxes for us.
How about you?

OP posts:
Kittencatclaws · 04/12/2013 21:23

I would go with Aston pierpoint

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