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nurseries in the City

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wahwah1270 · 24/06/2009 13:41


can anyone recomend/advise against any nursery in the squre mile please

also any idea of fees would be great please


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wahwah1270 · 24/06/2009 18:55


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chandellina · 24/06/2009 19:08

there's one near Barbican called NewPark Childcare. Fees are pretty insane though, more than £1,500/month for full-time. the only other ones I know of near the City are Bright Horizons Spitalfields and Bright Horizons at Tabard Square (near London Bridge). those are something like £350/week.

ByTheSea · 24/06/2009 19:18

My good friend has used the one at Spitalfields (her company pays for a certain number of days and she calls it Spitalfields) and she raves about it.

wahwah1270 · 26/06/2009 16:55

gulp 1500 p m - even with city salary that's scary
thanks girls

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Carrie385 · 30/12/2011 12:42

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Message deleted by Mumsnet.

tiggersreturn · 02/01/2012 14:53

I saw one in Aldgate that seemed quite nice. I was working off Fenchurch St so would have been very convenient. I can't remember the name but it wasn't a chain. But in the end found a much nicer one in Marble Arch which worked well as a much shorter commute with ds, relatively easy to get to if ds was ill either by me, dh or my parents and not losing as much time travelling to work as I would have from a local nursery. Also if anything went wrong it wasn't automatically my responsibility to have to drop everything and do pick up as it was just as easy/difficult for anyone else to do it. The nursery was Beginnings in Marble Arch on Seymour Street. 4 min walk from Marble Arch station and 10 mins to Bank.

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