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Refusing to eat or drink anything at nursery

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danidave · 11/06/2009 19:26

My dd is 13 months and has been settling in at nursery for 4 weeks. She refuses to eat or drink anything and just sits in a corner watching the others and is apparently upset when she is encouraged to move away from her favourite spot. I'm due back at work on Tuesday, I thought this would have been enough time to settle her. Her keyworker just says she is a 'pickle' and I should have left more time for settling, this makes me feel very upset and guilty (feeling bad enough already about leaving her). Any suggestions - especially with the drinking ?

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nurseryvoice · 11/06/2009 20:54

Ice lollies?? made from fresh juice, might just start her off especially when itmelts.

atworknotworking · 14/06/2009 14:34

Good idea re: ice lollies

Can you make her a packed lunch up at home in a familiar bag and take her own beaker in she could help you put things in and hold the lunch pack, she will identify this with home and mummy and may have some. I know it's not ideal, but in the circs it's better she has something even if it's just a little.
for keyworker saying you should have left more time for settling in, if your dd has been going for 4 weeks they should have brought this up way before now and put some strategies in place with you , a bit insensitive I think.

danidave · 15/06/2009 19:33

Thanks for the lolly and sending in food idea - I'll give it a whirl tomorrow, fingers crossed....

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