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How important are child-carer ratios??

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Weta · 28/04/2009 14:03

We are about to move to Luxembourg and are trying to choose between two nurseries for a half-time place (mornings) for our son, who will have just turned 2.

The ratios seem to be much higher there, and I can't decide what to think:

Option 1 is 4 mins walk from the house, it has 18 children in the 2-4 age group with 2 carers.

Option 2 is 10 mins walk from our house. It has 15 children for 2 carers, but in the mornings the children aged 2.5-4 spend an hour doing the French kindergarten curriculum for about an hour, meaning 10 children to that teacher and 5 (aged 2-2.5) with the other carer. I'm not wildly fussed either way about the kindergarten business (DS1 enjoyed it in France from age 3, but I don't feel it's necessary at that age), but I do wonder whether the ratios would work better, especially with having more attention at the younger age and when he's just starting.

I won't be able to visit them before we move (or before enrolling) but DH liked both and thought both had good carer-child interaction. He slightly preferred option 2, but is also keen on the convenience of option 1.

How much weight do you think we should give to the ratios?

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Weta · 28/04/2009 14:16

PS Meant to say it is DH who will be doing the drop-offs and pick-ups - if it was me I would go straight with option 2

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mumeeee · 03/05/2009 18:17

That seems a lot of children to one adult. In the UK you have to have One adult to every 4 children at the age of 2.

Weta · 03/05/2009 22:31

I know... but that seems to be the norm there, and the same in Belgium Mind you, DS1 went to kindergarten here in France at age 3 and there were 32 kids to 2 adults!

At least DS2 will only be going for the mornings, and he's a pretty robust, adaptable kid - and in the end we've decided to take the creche with the better ratios.

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