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Any teachers around? How do you do child care?

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chaosisawayoflife · 24/04/2009 12:06

Hi all

I wonder if you can help. I'm going back to work soon, part time, and putting my dd in nursery. My DH is a teacher so were were hoping that we would be able to take her out of nursery for the holidays, particularly the summer holiday but we have discovered that nurseries are not willing to do this, and you still have to pay. I suppose this is fair enough but just wondered what other teachers do?

OP posts:
Tommy · 24/04/2009 12:09

there are 2 nurseries near me that do term time only contracts. Have you asked or just heard that local ones don't? May be worth asking.

Childminder might be an option - I know a few who do term time only contracts for teachers (I am a teacher so know a lot as well!)

chocolateshoes · 24/04/2009 12:27

Am in the same situation here - the best thing is to try any local college or uni for childcare as they usually offer term time contracts. Our university and college of further ed do for example. As Tommy says, child minders may be a better option as they'll have their own kids during the hols so may well be happy not to have yours too. Good luck!

aubergenie · 24/04/2009 12:59

Same situation here. Near us is a school which has a term-time only nursery attached for the teachers' children and they have spaces for other children, but the waiting list is reaaaally long.

As Tommy says, a childminder might be an option. Some only do term times so they can look after their own children exclusively in the holidays.

hellywobs · 24/04/2009 13:08

Lots of childminders do term-time contracts and holiday contracts - that's probably your best option. But some nurseries will do term-time contracts or at least discounts for teachers. And some will let you have a couple of weeks a year holiday at half fees.

DerbyshireMum · 24/04/2009 13:53

We are in the same situation. My DH is a teacher and I work part time, so DS goes to nursery Mon-Wed. We really like the nursery, so pay for the place for DS even in school holidays. Sometimes DH takes him to nursery in the school holidays, usually for shorter days and sometimes he doesn't take him in it all. He's found the option there quite handy when he's had work to be getting on with. Nursery know he's a teacher so are fine with him being a bit irregular during holidays. We do still have to pay though, no option to do term time only.

purepurple · 24/04/2009 14:45

we can offer term time only at our nursery, because we also do holiday care so can fill the spaces with school children
we are very flexible when it comes to changing sessions, we would rather do this than have a child leave
dropping days is fine, we can also increase, as long as we have the room
we have lots of teachers as parents, and they like the flexibility
we also recognise that if we are accomodating with regards to parents changing days we have a better chance of keeping them for our before and after school clubs and holiday cover too

we also offer term time for children accessing the early years education grant
flexibility is key!
my advice would be to ask the nurseries what your options are

Sofiya · 12/08/2010 06:56

Anyone know of a term time only nursery or childminder in hither green/ Catford area who does early years education preferably? Thanks

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